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Old 07-27-2010, 02:33 PM
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Default editor newby

So I am taking a run at the editor

Since I am an ultra-maroon with this and seeing as there are dozens of threads about user-specific editing needs, I though I would fly a flag looking for a little help. Here is the image I am using for the map;


What I am hoping for is a sandbox-style map geared for building a large, attractive city. As you can see, my ambitions are to build Rome. I realized the other night after posting another thread that the "1,000,000 population" figure for the other sandbox scenarios that came with the game is to make an unachievable upper limit for population so the player can just build. I am shooting for 1,00,000 - maybe achievable in a 512 map?

I have successfully ported a DDS file for the map and applied a blend as well. There is a "default?" Roma XML file that comes with the game. I copied this and renamed it "Rome" (my scenario name) as it has events written in already. I am pretty bad in the coding dept. so I was hoping someone could help me get this done. I have read through the editor tutorial and I imagine I could pull it off, but the scenario doesn't seem to refer to the XML for anything. Setting the pop level in the editor as an achievement/win condition doesn't seem to have any effect. Nor in the XML file. Another issue is I have a couple of pleb and one equite house placed along with an existing pump house, aqueducts and resevoir leading from a mountain stream, but when I load the scenario it gives me an auto win screen (population target of 1,00,000 is not showing on load or active in any way it seems) - then when I click "continue playing" it shows that the small domus has 170/40 citizens in it and the insulaes have 240/50 or some such. Also the single granary is packed to the gunnels with more food of every type than it could possibly hold. If someone can tell me the basics about why the population requirement isn't working and also how to get the scenario to refer to the XML I imagine I can figure the rest out.

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Old 07-27-2010, 03:02 PM
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here are some in game shots. Still gotta work out the elevations a bit and I am hoping to blend the ground color to look more like the game textures. For now it is a little pixelated because of the DDS image I am using




can anyone tell me why image embedding isn't working for me?

Any help with any of this would be greatly appreciated (and credited)

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