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Old 09-19-2010, 12:19 PM
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell is offline
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Good Labbing, Psilocybin!

Thank You!
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Old 10-14-2010, 11:14 AM
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Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: San Diego, California
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Another update of my Quest Lab
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Old 11-26-2010, 06:45 AM
Fenehk Fenehk is offline
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I come bearing data.

I finally reached my planned minimum of completed quests for each type, and I've been writing down what special rewards each quest has brought.

189 Nome Exploration
15 Linen
9 Flowers

180 Desert Expedition
5 Hammer
4 Linen
6 Skins
2 Wine

115 Tomb Raid
1 Hammer
2 Linen
2 Basalt Statue
2 Quartz
2 Skins

100 Mediterranean Exploration
1 Monkey
1 Quartz
2 Basalt Statue
1 Armor
1 Hammer

100 Journey to Punt
1 Flowers
2 Linen
2 Quartz
2 Blade
1 Monkey
1 Skins
1 Gems

100 Holy Pilgrimage
2 Basalt Statue
1 Blade
2 Golden Blade
1 Flowers
2 Linen
2 Armor
1 Skins
1 Monkey

I just realized that equals 12 scarabs over almost exactly 12 months, as I started this account November 28th of last year. Interesting. Anyway, I'll let the number crunchers apply this data to the collective total of awesomeness and increase the accuracy of all our questing knowledge! I guess I'll clear my papyrus scroll out and keep tracking whatever quests I do next, for posterity. Have fun!
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Old 01-13-2011, 10:15 PM
grrlgeek's Avatar
grrlgeek grrlgeek is offline
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I've been hoping for a blade for a while now. Sent out lots of Holy Quests and never thought I'd say it, but was REALLY disappointed when the results came back with my 3rd golden blade. I've only found a golden blade on a Holy, but from the results in the post just above this one, I think I may be better off with Punt quests to find that elusive Blade. Cheaper too...

To respond to other, earlier ponderances...

I got my Gems from a Tomb Raid.

Scarabs - 7 so far, not that i can use any of them. What a rip. If a player has purchased scarabs and everything in the freaking store... mebbe instead of another useless scarab, we could have a greater chance of getting an item instead? sheesh. ticks me off every time i find one now. Anyway, 4 of those 7 came from Nome quests, the other three are from a Holy, a Desert Exp, and a Tomb Raid.

Off to Punt.....
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Old 01-13-2011, 11:42 PM
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Keith Keith is offline
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Early on I concentrated on the smaller quests mostly. I have only ever sent out just one quest to Punt (I hate replacing ships) in all the time I have been playing the game.

I got nearly all the pretige items on the list from those smaller quests, including the Holy Pilgrimage. You just have to keep trying. I have multiples of every item aviable.

I would often send out combinations of 3 nome explortions, or 1 nome exploration with 2 of the next one, and so one. Having more quests in progress at one time gave me a better chance of finding the pretige items, even though I was really hoping for scarabs.

I mostly concentrate on just Holy Pilgrimages now, to get the reduction in construction time as I finish off raising all buildings in my 4th city to their highest levels.

I found a free scarab a few weeks back, and recently got another hammer, amor and one other item I cannot remember right now just in the past couple of weeks.

You may hit a long long period where you won't get much of anything. I once went a few months before getting anything extra from a quest.

Persistence pays off. Just keep at it. I send a new quest(s) out as soon and the previous one ends.

My current list of items:

4 Silver Blades
3 Gold Blades
6 Armor
11 Skins
32 Linen
36 Flowers
5 Gems
6 Monkeys
5 Quartz
5 Statue
8 Hammer
5 Wine

Every scarab I have used, other than the startup 10 we all get, have come from Quests.

Last edited by Keith; 01-13-2011 at 11:54 PM.
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Old 02-06-2011, 06:01 AM
Psilocybin Psilocybin is offline
Join Date: Mar 2009
Posts: 31

Final update. Got all the quest items. I had to focus on Holy Pilgrimage since I needed gems and a golden blade. Plus I wanted the time off construction.

Soma (Theoris)
Birthday: Feb. 13, 2010
Latest run: January 30, 2011

Nome Exploration: 283 tries
Items: 10 Linen, 11 Flowers, 2 Scarabs

Desert Expedition: 80 tries
Items: 1 Linen, 2 Flowers, 2 Wine, 4 Skins, 1 Hammer

Tomb Raid: 54 tries
Items: 1 Linen, 1 Wine, 3 Hammers, 1 Skins, 1 Basalt Statue, 1 Quartz, 1 Scarab

Mediterranean Exploration: 63 tries
Items: 1 Basalt Statue, 1 Wine, 1 Armor, 2 Scarabs

Journey to Punt: 71 tries
Items: 2 Linen, 1 Blade, 1 Scarab

Holy Pilgrimage: 246 tries
Items: 1 Linen, 1 Hammer, 4 Wine, 5 Skins, 4 Basalt Statues, 3 Quartz, 2 Monkeys, 2 Gems, 2 Golden Blade, 4 Scarabs

Total lux spent: 567,300
Total ships spent: 3,075
Total bread spent: 307,500

Items won overall: 15 Linen, 13 Flowers, 5 Hammers, 8 Wine, 10 Skins, 6 Basalt Statues, 4 Quartz, 1 Armor, 2 Monkeys, 1 Blade, 2 Golden Blades, 10 Scarabs
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Old 03-28-2012, 10:19 AM
Gazoo Gazoo is offline
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I came to the Forum specifically looking for this Thread, this Thread hasn't been replied to in quite awhile, hope no one minds me bumping it.

Your people have been inspired by the successful Holy Pilgrimage, earning you:

+ Next construction project reduced by 12 hours!
+ 1 item (Blade)

I've been playing NO since Sabah was our only Server choice. This is only the 2nd Blade I've ever received from a Holy Pilgrimage, and that's through 6 Toons in NO, 5 of them already gone Immortal and this 6th (Pepi Gazoo III) I'm playing on Theoris now is ranked in the Top 10, so that's many, many Holy's and only 2 Blade drops.

I lack only the Wine on this present Toon, is actually why I came looking for this Thread is to see where Wine drops the Best. Looks as if the Desert Expedition might be best shot at it.

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