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Old 11-11-2006, 03:53 PM
joyce_carol joyce_carol is offline
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Default Can't uninstall properly

I downloaded the demo for about a month now.
Then, I want to uninstall it; however, I can't seem to completely do it.
It still there in the add or remove program.
I already deleted the file in the Program files.
Now, problem is how do I completely delete it?
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Old 11-11-2006, 04:14 PM
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You should never just "delete" something. You should always uninstall it first. Then if something is left behind you can delete that. You probably have registry files left over and the installshield file is probably still on your system.

You will need to make hidden files and folder visible on your system first.

Open My Computer. Click on tools > folder options. Then under the View tab expand the files and folder list. Then expand the hidden files and folder list and check the button next to SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDERS. Click apply and ok.

In the C:\Programs Files\ folder you should now see a folder called InstallShield Installation Information folder. Open that folder.

Look for a folder with the following name:


Double check that it matches the above exactly. When you are sure that this is the correct folder delete it.

Close the browser window.

Now in the registry file you'll need to delete some info manually.

WARNING: A mistake here can be a disaster for your system. So don't do it if you aren't sure you can do it correctly. Use at your own risk!!!!

Always backup your registry file first before making any changes.

Click Start > RUN and type regedit and click OK.

Now under the registry FILE click on EXPORT and save a copy of the registry to your desktop.

Now find the folder in the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall\{56C3017A-6E09-4101-8B35-EAC40DA86A9E}

Delete that alphanumeric folder.

You can also use the registry FIND function to search for "Caesar IV Demo". Delete anything that says "Caesar IV Demo" and only says "Caesar IV Demo."

Be very slow and careful when working in the registry. If you make a mistake IMPORT the backup copy of the registry you made before you started.

Again, use the above information at your own risk.
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