Monument to Hathor?

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Monument to Hathor?

Postby Roxxsmom » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:44 am

I'm on the Itjtawy scenario of the campaign, and one of the objectives is to make a monument to Hathor. I don't see any such thing in the monuments list. Is this something that unlocks eventually, or is there something I am missing?

Also, is there any way to make sure that my scribes are consistent in counting my fields each year for taxes. I have 2 dedicated to assessing taxes. Some years they seem to count all fields, some years they miss some fields, and some years they miss most of them. I've noticed that scribes are the hardest of the graduate trained worker classes to keep satisfied also (overseers are also rather picky when compared to priests).....their wives never seem to be able to pick up the bread while it's at the bakery or find the shops, even if they are nearby. But even in years when they are satisfied and working a lot, they often miss many of the fields.

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Postby sakasiru » Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:11 am

I don't remember the scenario well, but I think this refers to a world map site you have to build (and maybe discover first by opening other sites).

Yes, scribes are hard to keep in line. They tend to go shopping in the only season they actually have to work... :rolleyes: All you can do is to place bakeries, papyrus makers and all kind of shops near them, so they don't have to walk far if they want to shop and are back on the fields soon. Also place the scribes spread out along the planting area, or else they will count some fields double and others not at all. It's pure luck in which direction they go when working, so if you have two scribes in the middle, you may be lucky and one goes left and one goes right, so they will be counting almost all fields, or you don't have that much luck and they both go in the same direction, so half of the fields will be left uncounted. Better to place them on the far ends of the floodplain.

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Postby Keith » Fri Nov 05, 2010 11:11 am

Depending on the number of fields you have, you may need another scribe counting fields. I try to place mine in locations at diferent points near the flood plain so they don't all go to one spot and recount fields that are being counted. I like to see them working in different areas. I'm not really sure that matters.

If they aren't counting they may be shopping or seeking medical help, or worshipping. You won't really know unless you sit there and watch a individul scribe for a long period of time. You can lock the camera on to one leaving his house and have it follow him. The game will also display the destination of the individual you have clicked on if you press the SHIFT key while he is selected. (CTRL+G shows a grid overlay on the map by the way.)

If the wives aren't shopping the shops might be too far, or have no goods, or she may not have any grain for barter (so it's important not to keep running out of grain in your city before your next harvest...grain is food and money.) Make sure shops are all properly working, you may need more of them to satisfy a larger population. Common shops have to gather their own raw materials. If the man or son have to walk far to get the raw materials it may slow down production of the item they make causing a constant shortage. Luxury shops can use a servant to gather raw materials, so have a few servants in the city. Servants also work for the nobles.

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Postby Roxxsmom » Sat Nov 06, 2010 3:07 am

Thanks! Yes the monument to Hathor turned out to be a map site that unlocked as a result of something else I did in game. This is a cool game, but I do wish they'd make it a bit more clear which goals are things that will unlock as the game progresses.

You are right about the scribes. I thought typically the spouses and kids of whichever person was responsible for the job in question ran the errands, except for things like worship or hospital visits. But seems like the scribes' spouses mostly sit around their homes, causing the scribes to always run errands during the planting season. And 2/3 of the scribes in my current scenario are "child free" for some reason. The commanders seem to have the same issue with idle spouses and no kids and frequent dissatisfaction.

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Postby Tinkerbell » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:14 am

Howdy, Roxxsmom!

Your Educated Workers, escpecially Scribes (even Commanders & Overseers to some extent) require private bakeries with a lot of prepared (not raw) food in them.

Then the wives will do the shopping.
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Postby Roxxsmom » Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:02 am

I'm still having issues with their going to the bakeries when food is there. They seem to spend a lot of time sitting in the house combing their hair or something. I saw one commander's wife take 2 steps towards the bakery and turn around and go back, while the bread icon for the house was red.

On a different note, how can I get the overseer to quarry large basalt statues (instead of small) from the basalt quarry in my territory? The only option seems to be quarry basalt statues on the list of commands I can give my overseer. But I keep getting messages that I should build a cult temple for Amun (and lots of citizens are upset they can't worship him, even though there is a regular temple of Amun and several shrines in the city). You need large statues for a cult temple, but I have no way of getting them through trade on my map (Hemen-Nesu).


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Postby Tinkerbell » Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:16 am

First of all, I hope your game is patched if you have it on disk. If download, then it is most likely already patched.

If the wife stops, turns around & goes home, then the bakery didn't have any food left. She wants big bread trips, not tiny ones.

COTN is a race for food & goods. Whoever gets to the bakery/shop first wins, the others turned away. Also, shops have business hours, closed between the hours of about 10 PM to 6 AM, A shop could be open when the shopper left home, but closed when shopper arrives. This is why distance is so important in this game.

All large basalt requires a trigger to be fired before it will happen. A trigger is fired by dedicating a temple, placing a statue base, or opening/having a World Map site that requires it. You cannot quarry large basalt ahead of time, only by importing.

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Postby Yahya » Sun Nov 07, 2010 10:24 am

In addition to the possibility that the bakery is too far from the wife's house and is therefore closed or empty before she gets there is the possibility that you just don't have enough bakeries.

Each bakery can only hold a maximum of 499 food. At harvest (Shemu), food is gathered from the farms and dropped at the threshing areas during the day. In the evening, 7:20PM I believe, that food is distributed to everyone that needs it.

So it goes to:

  1. Pharaoh (depending on your taxes; this is dependent on your scribes)
    1. Some of this goes to the Pharaoh's palace, about 300 in a good year.
    2. Most of it gets distributed around town to bakeries, a maximum of 499 per bakery. If there is still more to be given to you and not enough room in bakeries, it will go to granaries. If there is not enough room in granaries, it is left in the threshing area, where it can spoil. (Though the game tries to put more in granaries each night.)
  2. Nobles, about 300 maximum. Then they buy stuff and make home improvements.
  3. Finally, farmhouses. I think about a maximum of 30 per farmhouse. Then they use that to buy things at the common shops.
That fuels the rest of your economy. Pharaoh, the nobles, and the farmhouses will start shopping immediately, and once the shopkeepers have food, they will start shopping, and so on. Oh, and the nobles, if they have enough food left over and are happy, might through a feast, inviting others over and hiring an entertainer.

But your educated workers -- priest, scribe, commander, overseer, laborer, soldier, baker, military equipment maker, brick maker, bricklayer, papyrus maker, nursery, stone carver (I think that's all of them but I could have missed a couple) -- are different. Each of these people MUST get their food from a bakery and a bakery only.

Once the baker gets his 499 (or less) food, as long as his hours are open (between 6:00AM and 10:00PM or so), and he is not doing something else, he will start baking bread. As soon as he finishes 1 bread, all your educated workers will start trying to pick that up if they need bread. So people will run from all over the city to get bread if there's only that 1 bread.

As a result, it's a good idea to have enough bakeries in the right places to service your cities.

I place one down by the river at the start, near all the brick makers. I want those guys making bricks. I also put common shops right next to them.

My second one, almost immediately after the first, is up by the nobles where I will put my education priest. Even if I don't need him, I want my food in my bakeries.

As I expand, I add more, and usually end up with about 6 or 8. My goal is to see about 400 prepared bread on all my bakeries at once. That keeps the city running smoothly.

If I compare the harvest to how much bread I have, and I don't have enough bread, I add more.

Say your first harvest is about 400. You only need 1 baker. But 2 won't hurt you, because half the food will go in each, and they'll start baking. They're kind of like a brickyard in that way, but not exactly.

Very long thought. Sorry about that. But you'll find that pretty much everyone plays that way or similarly.

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