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Half my labourers are lazy scumbags.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 5:33 pm
by Swi1ch
Hey, i'm just learning my way around this game and i'm really enjoying it.

I'm having a problem though. I'm playing the first mission in the grand campaign, and i'm trying to quarry granite steles to boost my prestige. I have an overseer who is happy, told to quarry granite steles and is regularly attending the quarry site. I have twelve labourers huts, but only three or four at a time will go and do their jobs.

I have three stele bases completed, so I know the resources are being requested.

Posted: Sun May 18, 2014 10:33 pm
by Keith
If the quarry is across the river from your city you will need one barge landing and barge on each side of the river to move the steles across the river.

You will need an overseer set to "construction" or "steles" to get thing moving.

The quarry produces 3 small steles and 1 large stele at a time.

How happy are your laborers?

Do they have access to common shops that have enough goods? Is there a bakery nearby their huts? Is your city producing enough grain? Grain is money and food.

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 5:28 pm
by Swi1ch
The quarry is only around the corner from my workers and overseer. They are all completely satisfied (fully green in everything). The overseer is set to quarry steles.

A few of the labourers work as intended. The others appear to be stuck inside their houses, and their portrait is just them standing still and sort of shaking a bit.

It seems if I set my overseer to haul steles, all the labourers will go and do that. But if they are set to quarry steles, or mine gold, only a few of them respond.

Although this isn't my video, this guy is experiencing the same thing I am, around 10:45.

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 9:39 pm
by Keith
Often when they are stuck in their houses they seem to missing some sort of service or food.

Where is are your laborer huts located?

The idea of a labor camp right next to a quarry doesn't work as well as having your laborers live in or very close to the city and have them walk to work.

I gave up the use of "labor camps" long ago because they never worked as expected. No matter how many services your put in the labor camp location laborers and other will still walk all the way back to the city to get the same services. So it's a useless duplication of services to build a "labor camp".

My laborers all walk to the work location from city.

If you can, attach a copy of your save game (.ank) file to the next reply by means of the Manage Attachments button on the reply screen. This will upload a copy of your save file to the board as an attachment to your next reply, which I can download and place in my game to look over.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 6:11 pm
by Swi1ch
The screen should be centred on my labourers. The bottom four of the eight houses have the labourers just standing around in the house, even though they have food/wares and are fully green in all requirements.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 9:04 pm
by Keith
I'm looking at your file as I type this.

If you want to quarry stele then you should be sure that your only overseer is set to that function. When I loaded the file the overseer was set to mine gold.

You can shorten the walk for the overseer and laborers to the granite quarry by tracing a path or road over the dark brown hills. This way they don't have to go around the hill to get to the quarry.

Your Cult Temple to Horus lacks a statue so it is not functioning. You need to quarry one large statue from the basalt quarry across the river. I added a second overseer set quarry basalt.

To move that cut basalt to your city you need a way to cross the river with the block of stone, so you need one barge landing on that side of the river. The block has been cut and delivered across the river and on its way to the cult temple in the save file below. Once the statue is in place your Cult Temple will be fully functional. You'll need to retask one overseer to oversee statue construction so the stone carver will finish the basalt block delivered to the cult temple.

I added 8 more laborer huts to the location so there are enough to cut and transport stele and basalt from both locations and let some rest at home to shop, get healthcare and visit a shrine, etc.

Your laborers and other residents are spending a lot of time running back and forth between the two halves of your city. This is taking up a lot of time that they could be doing something else.

It is more efficient to build your city as one unit rather than in two pieces. Also, you don't have to build your city in the green grassy area. You can build it in the brown desert area where there is more room.

I placed the rest of your stele prestige items near the rest, two of which are already in place.

There are 14 deities in COTN, you only had 11 shrines built and Hathor hd two shrines. Some of your laborers were showing signs of dissatisfaction with not being able to pray to one or more of the gods. I add a few more shrines and dedicated one to each god.

You may want to add at least one more priest set to "tend the gods" when you can to keep the shrines open and active as long as possible. Especially since you've split them up between the two halves of your city and people visiting them will have to walk longer distances to get there.

I added one more bakery near your laborer huts and some lesser guardian sphinx statues to raise the prestige level a little.

The laborers are still standing about in their huts for the most part, because they don't have much to do.

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 11:19 pm
by Swi1ch
The overseer is set to quarry gold because this save is after I managed to start getting my steles finished. I know most of my city is inefficient now and have addressed it in further games. What I don't understand is this:

"The laborers are still standing about in their huts for the most part, because they don't have much to do."

The labourers who are standing around doing nothing have food, wares, and are completely satisfied. Shouldn't they be mining gold? Surely one Overseer is capable of managing eight guys. I'm having much the same problem in the next level, as I want a stele hauled from a DOP to a stele base, but only three of my twelve labourers are ready to haul the stele; the others just sit in their houses and do nothing, and even my Overseer just sits around doing nothing. The base is down and finished with the progress at 50% to indictate that the stele is on the way, the labourers and Overseer can get to the stele sledge super easy, but no progress happens. It's not just inefficiency, because even with inefficiency a task eventually gets done.

My labourers will get off their backsides to collect steles that are imported and dropped at the barge landing, and then drop them off at the DOP, but won't then collect the stele on the sledge that is at the DOP and haul it to the stele base.

I've let the simulation run for a few years at max speed. The same three labourers have been stood in front of the stele ready to haul it this entire time. I placed down a new stele base just to see what would happen. After about two years, that new stele eventually got dragged the 30ft from the DOP, through the previous stele on it's sledge, and to the base. The first stele is still there now, sat with three guys waiting to haul it. If I zoom in, it even plays the 'hauling object' audio lines.

After another year, I placed a new stele, and after another two years, that one got dragged into place. The first one is still sat there, with the same three guys who somehow haven't starved to death after a decade or so.

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 12:12 pm
by Keith
The overseer at the mine did have three laborers with him which is about normal for that job. No one overseer will get your original eight laborers working at the same time. So I wouldn't expect to see all eight of your laborers on the job with only one overseer.

The missing 4th hauler might have died after the game had assigned him to the job. It takes a while for a new "man of the house" to appear in the hut. I'm not saying this is what happened, but it is a possibility.

The laborers you see hauling from the landing to the DOP are part of the landing and not your original eight laborers, as far as I understand the game.

From time to time a glitch may cause a sledge to become abandoned. I haven't seen much of this since all the patches have been released. It was a problem with earlier versions of the game.

Just as means of comparison, you may want to try building Nekhen again, but his time build it in the desert area near your granite quarry and use the green area for your farms, brickmakers and papyrus makers, etc. Keep your shrines, healthcare, bakeries, laborers, overseers, scribes, priests close to this city. See how this city performs versus the original. It might reveal something to you....just a suggestion.

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 3:01 pm
by Keith
I went back and played Nekhen from scratch. I moved my city to the desert area near the quarry as I mentioned above and used the area just south of that near the river for industry and farms.

I think when it comes to monuments like steles that the laborers are only going to cut the one they need and haul it to a base that is ready and waiting.

I placed one overseer that I alternated between quarry steles and stele construction. I had eight laborers and one stone cutter.

The laborers refuse to move even with a overseer at the quarry and no stele base in place.

Adding the stele base got one laborer to cut the stele out at the quarry.

While the three other laborers approached the quarry, I switched the overseer to stele construction.

Once the first group pulls the stone out, they leave and with the overseer now at the stele base a new group of four haul the stone to the site.

While the sledge is being pulled, I placed my second stele base next to it.

Once the stone cutter arrives at the new stele I switched the overseer back to quarry steles again.

I just kept repeating this process for each stele and they were all soon built in short order.

After that I switched the overseer to mine gold and that put three or four laborers into action and they all headed off to the mine.

I believe that if an item like a stele is not for prestige, but trade instead, more laborers become active. Building pyramids is an exception because it seems more laborers become active under just one overseer.

I was playing on the hard level. I haven't played on the easiest level for a long time and that may influence the number of laborers responding to an overseer. In this case only one laborer reported the quarry to cut the granite.

I lost my first priests early and had no graduates for a while. I had to wait until one of the noble children matured and took up the job so things got stalled for a while.

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 9:12 pm
by Swi1ch
I've moved to something a lot more like that on the second map. Seems to work a whole lot better, but my farmers are now getting confused and are starting to sow their fields on the other side of the map :/

The labourers hauling the stele do seem to be bugged. I deleted the houses of those stuck hauling the stele, and rebuilt them, and then those three labourers that moved in went and got stuck on the stele again.

Posted: Fri May 23, 2014 10:42 pm
by Keith
"Swi1ch" wrote:I've moved to something a lot more like that on the second map. Seems to work a whole lot better, but my farmers are now getting confused and are starting to sow their fields on the other side of the map :/

The labourers hauling the stele do seem to be bugged. I deleted the houses of those stuck hauling the stele, and rebuilt them, and then those three labourers that moved in went and got stuck on the stele again.

The farmers are going to closest flood plain to their homes. Sometimes they do cross the river to utilize the flood plain there. There is no control over that and it doesn't hurt food production.

Your cult temple won't function until it has a statue to the god of Bast properly mounted over the entry.

Just a tip, you don't need a cult temple or even a temple in every city. They require more resources to build and run, but they do handle more people when there are enough priests.

I use a set of 14 shrines exclusively in all my cities, unless the scenario goals require that a cult temple be built. With two or three prisets tending the gods those 14 shrines can usually handle all the worship needs of most cities. And, they don't require a statue, but handle fewer worshipers at one time.

Try not building things like barge landing too close together. Ships may get stuck.

The latest versions of the CotN is 1.2 and with the Alexandria addon it is 2.1.

What version of the game are you playing?

I did get that block of granite moving. I deleted all the laborers houses and waited one season (flood --> planting) rebuilt them. Shortly after all the houses were occupied four laborers showed up and hauled the block away.