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Postby Egyptian Fanatic » Wed May 13, 2015 5:30 am

Hi guys I have a new question: How many labourers and overseers do you need for a medium, large, or great pyramid? Also is there any way to speed up construction of a big pyramid?

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Postby Keith » Wed May 13, 2015 10:17 am

You only need a minimum of 4 laborers and one overseer to build the pyramids of any size. However, that will take a very long time to complete construction. The only drawback here is that the laborers may become unhappy because they won't have the time to visit the apothecary/hospital, or shop, and worship if they are kept so busy all the time. There may be times that only three men or less show up to pull the sledge out of sole four man crew, because the other two may be shopping, seeing the doctor, or at a temple or shrine.

You want laborers in groups of four, because 4 are needed to pull any of the sledges.

The more laborers you have the more work can be done. I've had crews as big as 100 laborers and as few as 16 working on pyramids.

Of course larger crews require a lot of bread, since laborers are state workers and are fed by bakeries.

You need a minimum of one overseer set to pyramid construction/all construction. If set to all construction, any job requiring an overseer will pull that one overseer away from the pyramid until the local construction job requiring a overseer is completed.

I prefer to set mine for pyramid construction, and if I need a statue built I will switch the lone overseer over to build statues for a brief period when I want and then back again once the statue is carved.

Having more than one overseer set to the same task allows one or more of the to shop, worship, seek healthcare, while one or more of the others handle the job assigned to them all.

To speed up pyramid construction, I try to keep my site close to a source of local limestone of either or both types. If I have local limestone, I will have an overseer and laborers work the quarry until I have a large horde of limestone quarried and pulled out while I import the other limestone in large enough quantity to build the pyramid of the chose size.

For imported limestone, I put the cargo drop off area for that imported stone right next to the site the pyramid is going to be built on. The laborers from the landing will haul the stone blocks from each ship all the way up to that point and drop them there. This is better than having the drop off site near the water and having one of your laborer crews walking down to the drop site by the water to haul the blocks all they way up the to the pyramid one at a time. Having the cargo drop off near the construction site will let all 16 blocks from the ship move along from the landing to the drop off area one after the other like one big parade.

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Postby Egyptian Fanatic » Sat Jun 06, 2015 5:11 am

Hi Keith, thanks for the info :) I will try that the next time I build a Pyramid

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