Cannot increase game speed on portable...

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Cannot increase game speed on portable...

Postby NancyCloutier » Tue Oct 06, 2009 8:32 pm

I recently bought the enhanced version to use on my new portable computer that runs on Vista. I cannot increase the game speed using the plus sign for some reason, so now it only runs at 0.5. Of course, no num pad since it's a portable, so I must use the + sign in the top row. I've tried using it alone as I was told it's a hotkey, but nothing. I've tried using it with Fn, Shift, Alt, Ctrl, etc., still nothing... Now I'm down to changing the minimum game speed in the COTN.INI file, but I can't find it! I was told it's in the same folder as the .exe file, but it just doesn't exist. Where can I modify the minimum game speed?

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