Downloading User Scenarios with Complete Edition

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Downloading User Scenarios with Complete Edition

Postby mikalero » Sun Nov 25, 2012 1:50 pm

Hi, I bought and downloaded COTN: Complete Edition through Iplay. I downloaded the Anketaten (sp?) scenario available through the Tilted Mill website, and the updater says the files were successfully installed and updated, yet when I go to the individual scenario list through the main menu, it's not showing up. Am I doing something wrong, or does the manner in which I obtained the game not going to let me add any user created content?

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Postby Keith » Sun Nov 25, 2012 5:21 pm

My computer with CotN is not available so I can't check the following:

After installing the scenario did you try exiting and restarting the game?

The digital versions of CotN may install themselves into different folders than the original disc-based versions of the game. Steam puts the game into a Tilted Mill Folder or Children of the Nile folder in the My Games folder (under Windows XP). Check to see if the scenario you installed is in the game's folder with the rest of the scenario by physically opening that folder and examining the list of files there.

If it is not among the game's other scenario files in that folder it may have been installed to another location such as "C:\Program Files\Tilted Mill\Children of the Nile\Scenarios" or similar for example. If the game is located in the My Documents>My Games>Tilted Mill>Children of the Nile folder it won't be able to find the file you installed.

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