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Steam version

Postby Miaos » Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:44 pm

I bought the steam version of the game and I have windows 10, I have tried every single suggestion I have found on the internet to get this game to work. I have run it in compatibility mode for windows Xp sp 2 I have run it as admin I have checked all the boxes in the compatibility tab to see if that would make it work I have completely unplugged and undetected my second screen in display options to see if that would help I even bought Alexandria to see if that would have some kind of updated patch in it that would make the game work. I have altered the graphics setting for the game to lowest available in my nvidia control panel and I even set my screen resolution down to 1280 1024. I have already downloaded DX9 and installed it so i do not get that error, I actually do not get any errors at all as soon as I run the game it plays the cut scene loads the game and then when i click on play game and then campaign it just does nothing it stays on the screen where I can choose to play campaign and it doesn't load further and I cannot do anything in the game at all once i click it i have to restart my computer just to make the game close because task manager will not show up over the game the same thing happens when i choose options in the game which is why I have altered as many setting as I can outside the game and none of it works at all. So ANYONE with any new suggestions would be appreciated I love this game more than anything it is the best city building game I have ever played and I would love to play it again.

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Re: Steam version

Postby Keith » Wed Aug 03, 2016 3:40 pm

Steam is responsible for technical supprt on the games that they sell. They may try to crab out it and tell you that you have to contact TM, but is not what they agreed to in their contract to obtain the right to sell the game and make changes to it to run under their Steam system

Sounds like you pretty much tried everything that most of us would have suggested. Try disabling your virus scanner before running the game and see if that helps.

Windows has a Data Execution Prevention utitlity built in that is designed to stop the execution of any program that has suspicious code preventing further damage to the system from a hostile code. Sometimes this can cause problems with legitimate programs.

Data Execution Prevention can be disabled on Cotn. See this: ... ention-dep

Also you can make the game run in a windowed mode instead of full screen. You can manually edit the cotn.ini file created by the game when it is first run.

Use notepad to open the cotn.ini file. Find the text "Full Screen Mode 1" and change the "1" to "0''.

You have to edit the screen size in that file so that it is smaller than the maximum resolution of your monitor. I have a 1920x1080 max resolution monitor. I changed the two entries to the following: "Game Window Height 900Game Window Width 1440."

This lets me run in a windowed mode and allows me to access other things on the screen while the game runs.

Resave the cotn.ini, be careful not to add a ".txt" to it as in "cotn.ini.txt".

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Re: Steam version

Postby Herodotus » Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:30 am

I'm sorry this doesn't help you with your Steam purchase... but I recently bought CotN complete from for £6-99 (around $10) and it seems to work OK on Windows 10 run as administrator. Sterling price seems to have gone up a little since then. If you decide to spend more money and try this maybe you should completely remove the steam version first, but perhaps Keith could advise on that.

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