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New players can't register???????

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:34 pm
by Jytte
So, I had a couple of questions on a scenario post on heavengames, and I told the player to go here for general info and advice, to which I was told he couldn't register here. I though it weird, but then thought it must be a 'one of'....

Now I find this: ... 7,6360,,20
a post on heavengames cotn-forum (small and I never knew it existed), also claiming that you can't register here any more.

Is that so???? I have no idea how to test that, as I already have an account.

If so, this forum is really dead in the water. Only a few active 'old' members left, and if new people can't come in, well then....

This game is still sold and played, so there ought to be some support for new players.