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Hey Jeff

Postby PantherX » Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:24 pm

Wondering if your enjoying the season?

I would like to make a suggestion for something that may be pretty easy but I am not a programmer so I am talking out my ***. - lol

How about a Mobile version of Nile Online. iOs and Android markets, perhaps even the new Kindle could use a simple app.

You may ask why when a user can simply navigate with the browser and everything works. Simple and done you might say... but I say nay, nay...
Mobile users LOVE apps, I don't know exactly why but I suspect it's the simple click an app icon vs open the browser and click a bookmark or type in the url.

What can a mobile app do for NO? you can give the option of push notifications to alert the user of events (similar to the email notices but in app and not stuffing up email) which will have more people logging in all the time.
Obviously it would allow people to log in and do whatever gameplay "moves" whenever they have a free moment at or away from their computers.
It should be able to run faster being designed for the specific OS or Device and you know how geeks like speed in any form ;)
I believe it would grow the community.

2 reasons why a mobile app is needed or What can a mobile app do for TM?
If you give it away free you can push ads at every opportunity. (not suggested by me but possible)
If you sell it cheep like say $.99 the chances of it selling millions are greater than selling even a few thousand at $9.99 or even a few hundred at $19.99 Yes the goal is to hit the viral app market at $.99 a lot of people will buy it just to try it.

You already have the game mechanics the hard part is the UI. It would need to be simple and I would suggest using a single screen that scrolls left/right (i.e. angry birds). I can almost visualize an interface that will work with 3 basic screens. Center screen is the city and buildings. To the left is chat, trading and market interfaces. To the right is the build interface. it's really sweet in my head ;)

This was just a thought as I was trying to start a build in city #2 in safari in my iPhone yesterday. The UI is so bad for the small screen I gave up and waited till I got home.

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