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Love Tilted Mill

Postby Wimlore » Sun Mar 24, 2013 6:43 pm

You guys rock. :) Great games. I wish I knew about you guys sooner. I grew up playing Pharaoh and have been wishing for games of equal caliber ever since. I never picked up on the buzz because every time I remember seeing a launch from this company, there was always a bigger, more popular game coming out. I am ashamed!! Please keep up the great work, your titles are a true inspiration to me in my game developement training.

Currently Playing: Children of the Nile :D .

Next up: Simcity Societies :cool: .

Freaking out about: Hinterland :eek: .

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Postby flatbus » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:40 am

Yeah seriously, I stumbled upon someone at a booth at PAX East the other day and I was just going on and on about history and strategy games like I usually do, and when I mentioned that my favorite game was Pharaoh, the guy I was talking to revealed himself as none other than Jeff Fiske!

I had no idea that the guys who made Pharaoh were still around and making great city-building games in Boston region where I live. I've had a city-scratching itch I've been meaning to scratch and I've bought Anno 2070 recently, didn't do the trick... thought about buying SimCity, decided wisely not to... and finally purchased on CoTN instead, which is fun but I strangely miss the service-providing walkers. I'm looking forward to Medieval Mayor.

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Postby Wimlore » Sat Mar 30, 2013 8:16 pm

I am sad I do not know of the name Jeff Fiske. So many hours of fun, thanks to the creators of Pharaoh. It was so good, that someone actually stole it from me! I still collect the Box, however :)

I have not looked into Medieval Mayor yet. I am digesting this company's work as slowly as possible, picking apart everything I can. Although the engine for SimCity and CotN seems to lag, its pretty awesome.

CotN I reached a peak after successfully creating Alexandria. My first ever 100% planned 35-Noble-Strong city. Usually I'd build things as I go, but not this city of knowledge. It's layout had to be destiny! And it was! I am sure there are mods I could get... But I try to stay vanilla as possible to get the experience that was intended.

But if I were to look for a mod, it would be one that makes the Library more than just a monument. Perhaps a high-capacity school or a function that allowed kids to become educated without having a priest present. The priest would just "prepare" the building, just like a temple.

Right now, I have been busy playing SimCity Societies for about a week. Honestly? Great game. Seriously. It has a great CotN feel. I tried to keep my head out of the reviews for the sake of surprise but it was hard not to see head-line warnings that just bashed the game. Then I read about its features and was strongly impressed with the dev team's courage to take a franchise in a different direction. Seriously, BALLS. Funny enough, it has a spore-ish feel to it. To me, it feels like Will Wright was asked for a few opinions during it's developement. They did a great job and Oh Oh Oh!! THE MUSIC!! RAD! Best SimCity music I've heard so far. Have not played the newest one, but this SimCity I actually keep the music on. That's... just never happened. At least not that I can remember... No other SimCity tunes comes to mind now that I think of it... and I've played 'em all!!

There is more! This game, now that I think of it is more of a little gold mine. Heres why: Open source. I can freely go in and inspect their c# code and boy has it been fun. Still looking for the scripts containing subway functions... This is like having a transparent government or something. You can FREELY inspect/edit whatever you feel is unfair/quirky/unrealistic about the game, given the know-how. BOOM. Pure Awesome!!!

Another great feature I am falling in love with... STREET-LESS CITIES!!!!!!
The last SimCity I can remember that allowed a city to exist without roads was SimCity 1. One of my favorites. You could lay railroad instead of roads, and have a perfectly functioning city.

like that: In Societies there is a Population which actually has to go to and from work and venues. Sorry if this is "duh" but I'm freaking out about this, having played SimCity 4 into the ground just earlier this year (which just had teleporting sprites representing high density traffic values.) So, using the pedestrian mechanics only, and aiding with teleportation stations (subways) I successfully have made street-less cities in hardcore mode. If there is a guide or a strategy out there, awesome, but I actually stumbled upon this just experimenting with the game... So yeah, Rad game so far!!

Nice GUIs too by the way. Trick to having the greatest amount of fun in TM games I've noticed: Read the Help/Info sections and follow the Tutorials!!

Sorry for the long post, but Tilted Mill... You guys rock.

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