hippos and such

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hippos and such

Postby Jytte » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:25 pm

so I made a very big map, 400x400, that I've played for a while......

I made sort of down in a corner a very big and very wet area for hippos. I made 2 other areas also for hippos, more central, less wet, but still nice I thought. None of them very near the city I've built. I put a bunch of hippos in each area.

After a decade or so, I notice that hippos are congregating in the out-of-the-way wet corner. Still a few hippos left in the other areas.

year 90.... a billion hippos in the wet area. The other areas not a hippo in sight.

What's up with that? Hippos perfer wet (always flooded, but shallow) areas? Hippos like to congregate, no matter where you put them? Hippos will move to the farthest away place they can fine? Another bug in my scenario?? Or just plain coincidence???

I also made some very nice cliffy meadows and a huge oasis (oh, I did SO much work) with fowl, antelopes and lions hunting the former, as nice hunting areas for my nobles. Very pretty.... and within a year they'd all gone somewhere else. Nobody, but NOBODY, want's to be in my meadows :(

I guess I needn't do so much work on my next project.

Any hippo experts out there?
Jytte (alias Ubekhet)

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