food issue

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food issue

Postby Jytte » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:42 am

I need to take away food from a player, but I can't use a dummy world site to do so, as I'm already on the brink of the 90 site limit.....

So, I can see IF a play has xxx food, but I can't DO anything with that info, as in take some away.
My way around that was a trigger: if there is a granery with xxx wheat, then remove xxx wheat (small amounts so possible), if not message - which is an awkward way of doing this, but I see no other option.

Again I scoured though promising looking posts here in editing, and found some posts that seems to tell me I'm right (in that this is the only way).

Am I, or did I miss something?
Jytte (alias Ubekhet)

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