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Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:01 am
by King Faticus
Rome Greece and Egypt are definitely the big three...
TM will have to go with what is popular in order to secure sales.. to bad popularity and innovation don't always mix o_0

TM can play it safe if they like
I would prefer they didn't.

Posted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 1:54 pm
by Salim
I prefer Roman Themed Games, like Rome Total War, Caesar II (till playing) Caesar III and Caesar IV, Pax Romana. I like too medieval Themed Games, but not like Roman themed.


Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:37 pm
by demeitri1
well 2015 is finally here or i it that i am talking to you from te future o.o... we have flying cars, an everthing is virtual xD

Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:40 pm
by Thomazml
It'll be an awesome thing to hear. A Caesar V game... :O

Still dreaming of a new Tilted Mill's game =|

Re: Ceasar 5 or anything happining?

Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2016 5:22 pm
by zauria
Still play CIII over IV, too many problems with IV :(