Thanks for Ceasar 4

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Thanks for Ceasar 4

Postby farrukhmomin » Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:42 am

I played Caesar 3 before but this is what i find from Caesar 4.

This is a post about how i am impressed with the game. In fall 2006 this game was released and i went to shop purchased the cd run the setup and happily double click on the game icon but game didn't run because of old graphics card, i can not afford card at that moment so i start saving money, a whole earn took to save $400 to purchase 8800 gt and a good power supply. Then after a long year of wait i finally reinstalled the game and start playing.

Before installation i visit forums and saw people complaning lots of bugs reporting but i didn't find any single bug through out. I am very pleased with the 3D Graphics provided by the Developers and the lovely background music which relaxes my mind while playing, such a pleasure to play this game all day and night long, never crushes, i played at Full Graphcis Details with everything to max, i enjoy that shadows of building moving when the sun is moving, real time rendering shadows, rain, gardens and structures. Everything about this game gives me pleasure, i am a very buzy person working alot to survive in today's world but whenever i got time i play this game. Incredible Mouse movement with independency, zoom in and zoom out, people on the streets, workers, those vegitable farms, grain farms, cattles, sheeps, every single aspect of the game.

i really want fishing in this game that will give endless pleasure to me.

i really want to thank the game developers, desigerns and every single person involving in this project, you guys made such a good game, i know that ceaser 5 will not come soon, i think it will take couple or may be 5 years to come, but whenever it comes i will be eager to play it.

My one year of waiting of purchasing card is worthy.

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Postby goonsquad » Tue Oct 14, 2008 2:35 am

Glad you like the game, I like it too. The music and the graphics are indeed quite lovely. I'm glad you didn't find any bugs, unfortunately they are there and quite numerous too.

Although Tilted Mill made C4, they do not own it. Activision Blizzard own it. Although you can never be quite certain, my bet would be that the owners of C4 would not consider it worthy of fixing. It's quite playable as it is (well the military can get rather frustrating), but could be even better with a bit of a touch up.

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Postby aramann » Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:01 pm

When you get through the basic game try the user-created scenarios. They're amazing!

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Postby Jaguars » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:53 am

I even have no money to buy a 8800GT or RadeonX4 or something else.......

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