aquaducts and bath houses

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aquaducts and bath houses

Postby floridafairy » Thu Mar 28, 2013 11:20 pm

I know this sounds silly, but I am tryiing to hook my aquaducts up to the bathhouse. There doesn't seem to be a way to do this??? The tutorial simply states to connect them, but leading the aquaduct to the building does not seem to do the trick - looked online for instruction manual to no avail. There was a pdf file on here from someone but when I went to download it it went to a blank screen.......???? anyway...... any help out there? :(

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Postby Herodotus » Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:10 am

You dont "hook up" Bathhouses. Just place them in an area covered by piped water - ie within range of reservoir. Use the water overlay to check the area.

Remember you need equites to make it all work.

Also you cannot upload files on this forum any more - all previous files have been lost

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Postby Keith » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:34 pm

Just a quick note. Be sure you have your game patched up to version 1.2 which fixes a number of bugs.

- Editor: Fix for wrong textures being loaded when creating a new scenario after having
loaded one
- Editor: Fix for crash when manipulating the empire map
- Editor: Fix for loading scenario from main menu loading different textures than
loading from within the editor
- Editor: Reset player savings while in editor
- Editor: Fix for reloading textures in editor turning textures tan
- Editor: Updated mini-map when loading new textures
- Editor: Fix for misnamed road styles
- Editor: Removed obsolete “AAA – test flora” from unit list
- Editor: Fix for elevation slider causing performance decrease and crashes
- UI responsiveness: Reduced edit box handling delay for slower systems
- UI responsiveness: Globally reduced keyboard input delay
- UI responsiveness: Decreased UI latency by double (instead of triple) buffering
- UI: Implemented improved method of drawing plazas to make plazas easier to place
- Cohort pathing: Fix for entire cohort not returning to fort if told to return when
flagbearer was not out of fort yet
- Cohort pathing: Fix for cohort move-in-formation goal not terminating if flagbearer is
unexpectedly close to destination and without a goal
- C4 Online: Fix for overlapping text in victory screen when completing Empire games
- C4 Online: Save games from previous seasons can no longer be used in the current season
- C4 Online: Passwords improved to help prevent against dictionary attacks
- C4 Online: Alt-tab disabled
- Fix for Mercury effect increasing trade route cost instead of decreasing it
- Fix for crash opening trade routes on certain hardware configurations
- Fix for memory detection on Windows 2000
- Fix for Lugdunum request asking for pottery but requiring glass
- Fix for crash when deleting certain forts that had cohorts fighting abroad
- Fix for ATI x600 family lockups with weather and selecting trade depots and ports
- Fix for overlay shading not being re-applied after model change (caused confusing feedback
when buildings evolved with overlays on)
- Fix: Invalid anti-aliasing settings disabled
- Fix: Several security issues with networking resolved
- Fix for icons near edge of mini-map not showing
- Added INI setting where build buttons will close after choosing a building to build (Open
caesariv.ini in a text editor. To enable feature, change the line "CloseBuildMenus 0" to
"CloseBuildMenus 1" in the caesariv.ini file)
- Added INI option for disabling weather (Open caesariv.ini in a text editor. To disable weather,
change the line "Weather 1" to "Weather 0" in the caesariv.ini file. If the "Weather"
setting is not in the INI, add it manually after installing the update)

- Update to address an issue with Caesar(TM) IV Online security. (The online portion of the game is no longer active / available and the servers have been shutdown.)

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