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wall problem in Narona

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:27 pm
by floridafairy
I have a problem with Narona. I have over 38000 denarii, am trading and selling as much goods as possible, Equite and Patrician housing evolved to the point where they need walls. I built wall around entire map of the city side of the river, yet the buildings will not upgrade.

I am puzzled why I don't have more prosperity with the level that I have built the city.


I am going to try and upload the file - but am having trouble locating it on my harddrive. :(

I also uploaded the file "Narona wall problem" to skydrive. I think but am not sure that this is the correct html for the file?!106#cid=29017d67d7190a33

game file upload

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 3:36 pm
by floridafairy
Hope this uploads the game file.......

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:27 am
by Keith
Your link didn't work for me. Make sure you put the file in the PUBLIC folder and then get the download link from there.

Prosperity is not calculated on how much money you have or make. It is calculated on the overall average of housing level development in your city, i.e. how many Insulae vs. how many Domus and Patrician houses you have and how highly they are evolved.

You should concentrate on evolving your housing to their maximum level. In the case of equites and patrician housing, to get the maximum level you will have to build a wall around your city or the area that they live in to get them to that level. The wall must not have gaps, but can have gatehouses.

Walls can end in water, water is a impassable terrain item and counts as part of the wall. The physical end of the wall must touch the water.

Also, when laying wall through a area where trees are harvested for timber, clear any tree that is the path of the wall. It is possible to accidently run over a stump you didn't see or a small tree. The wall will look complete but it will have a small gap in it that will keep prosperity from rising and one that an enemy can come through when attacking your city. So be careful when laying walls. The areas of brush and bushes will not effect walls and will disappear as you run the wall over them.

Walls can end at other impassable terrain such as small ponds and lakes, with the ends in touching the water. Large rock formations are also impassable terrain, but they seem to be hard to use as part of the wall, at least for me. I usually built my walls so it goes around these features rather than hoping I got it right.

If you have a large number of insulae and just a few domus you may have to evolve the domus to a higher level or have more of them to compensate for the number of insulae. In later scenarios you will have to include patrician mansions in your design to get prosperity ratings high enough to meet the goal. Depending on the prosperity goal, you may have to have one or two or half a dozen patrician homes evolved to higher levels to get the prosperity rating to budge.

Here are my own screenshots from my own city of Narona after I had met all the goals. Note the walls end in the water.

This link also has a zip file which contains the 3 saves I made of Narona while constructing it, plus the save made just after I met all the goals.!ABNNIT-rTXevXwM#

You can download and put the save files in your Caesar IV "DATA" "Saved Games" folder and view my city "live" from the game and see how it works.

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:35 am
by floridafairy
Thanks Keith - I will look at your file. Here is the file in a public folder -!105#cid=29017D67D7190A33&id=29017D67D7190A33!105

I guess that is how you can access it? I am new to this skydrive world so still not sure about how all of it works. I will have to re-evaluate my city and would appreciate your input if you can access this file. Thanks again!

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:50 am
by Keith
SkyDrive made some changes since the beta and I had to do some poking around to find a link that would do the trick.

The zip file is named KH-Narona (.zip). The images are below that as you can see.

Chances are if you have a wall and your city housing has not evolved to maximum level, then you have a gap in the wall (tree, stump, rock) or the wall end is no touching the actual water.

Also, make sure that any gatehouses you have are actually connected to the wall on each side. I've seem some examples where people ran the wall up just short of the touching the side of the gate house. If there are no guards on the wall on both sides of the gatehouse then the side with out guards may not be touching the wall.

Sometimes when you place a gate house, a guard will come out and wall off the top and stand on the ground between your wall and the gatehouse. You have to delete the gatehouse to get rid of the guard and redo the placement again. I usually prefer to do the placement of gatehouses in the PAUSE mode to keep the guards from appearing prematurely.

I had one player put nothing but towers side by side next to each other thinking it would be a strong defense. He used no walls. The enemy just poured through the gaps between his towers as a result.

Placing towers on the inside of walls so that the front fact of the tower touches the inside wall surface allows guards to come out, and give the tower a bit more protection agains a catapult attack. However, walls and towers are going to fall to a catapult no matter what, so it is best to intercept catapults before they get into range of your walls and towers/gatehouses.

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 12:57 am
by floridafairy
Well, I tried to open your game files but it won't open, stating that it is not a good file and I have to reopen the game. However, when I do that it still won't load??

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:20 am
by floridafairy
this is really bugging me - I have thickened the wall, deleted the one side of the city where there are trees - although there were no problems with that part of the wall either, I deleted any trees anywhere near the wall then rebuilt the wall. It goes all the way to the water too........... still says it doesn't have city walls!

hope someone out there can open my file and explain to me what the problem is......... thanks everyone!

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:10 am
by Keith
Do you have version 1.2 of Caesar IV? The newer saves won't open on the older versions of the game.

In the mean time I gave your link another try and it worked this time. The first time it just gave me a blank screen.

I looked at your city and spotted your problem immediately. You have part of your city built in the open on the opposite side of the river. This area will have to be enclosed in a wall too.

Anytime there is a bridge across a river that "opening" has to be protected with a wall and gatehouse.

Right now even though the game sees that you have walls around your main portion of the city, it sees that bridge and open exposed part of your city as a figurative "gap" in your defenses. Some things like farm fields can be outside walls and it won't count against you, but most buildings will need to be contained within walls.

Here is a tip on building walls. Don't build them at the very edge of the map so that there is no open area on the outside of the wall. If you do the game will generate any invaders inside your wall instead of outside the wall. So try not to build anything too close to the edges of the map, including walls/gatehouses. You may have to delete that one fort in the unprotected area because it puts the wall right at the edge of the map.

Also, catapults have a long range so if you build your city across a river but close to an area where the river is relatively narrow a catapult can fire over the river and do damage to your city even if there is a wall along the river between your city and where the attackers are. So be careful about building housing, industry, etc., near a river bank.

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:30 am
by Keith

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:10 pm
by floridafairy
thanks - that is weird............. I'll try and win the game now

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:35 pm
by Keith
That's the way the game is designed. If you had only built on the one side of the river and did not have that bridge you would have been able to evolve your domus and mansions without trouble. But once that bridge was put in and you build structures on the other side you had to wall them in too even though the river runs between the two halves of your city.

I usually try to limit my buildings to one side of a river. If I need resources on the other side of the river and a bridge is needed, then one end of the bridge or the other has to be defended by a gatehouse over the roadway and walls leading from the gatehouse to the water.

I some really hostile areas you may want to enclose both ends of the bridge with gatehouses and walls so if the enemy gets through one point they have to deal with the other.

Also, be careful about building meandering roads. Since the services of buildings like clinics, barbers, bathhouses, odeums, arean, theaters, hospitals, schools and libraries use them to spread their influence through your city. They have a finite distance that they will cover. A small extra wiggle in a road can make the difference between a building nearby getting coverage from a distant service and not.

Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:35 am
by Keith
So how goes it in Narona this time?

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 5:52 pm
by Czech Centurian
I built on both sides of the river in Narona. I made a youtube video about my city, about 1min 54sec.

Although thanks for the tip/warning about building on both sides of the river Keith. I'll keep that in mind for when I play the more military maps.

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:23 pm
by Keith
If you can afford to wait out the barbarian invasions in cities like Narona where all the invasions occur on that one side of the river you can delete the bridge.

There are more than enough resources on the side of the map that has the road to complete the city.

The problem with not fighting off the barbarians with cohorts, is that the barbarians hang around for a extended period of time before they finally leave. Sometimes just as one invasion ends another one starts so you have to wait out two back-to-back.

During invasions, new immigrants and all trader activity stops until the barbarians are defeated or they leave the map. If you depend on a lot of exports to keep your city afloat this is bad news if you choose to wait out the invasions.

In Narona, Caesar makes immediate demands for weapons and armor, so it makes building up your cohorts very difficult. Often you may not have a fully trained cohort to fight with in the first invasion, unless you throw all your labor into iron mining, timber cutting, sheep farming and making weapons and armor for the first few years. It will be touch and go in Narona until you can get those demands met and fight off the first couple of invasions.

The invaders always come with a battering ram, and a pair of catapults in Narona so gates, walls and towers won't hold them out for long.