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The Downfall of Rome (tongue-in-cheek)

Posted: Sun Oct 11, 2015 6:58 pm
by Sandra Linkletter
I know now what caused Rome to fall. I modified Roma et Nero to allow more of each type of good. Then I began building the city. I gave them all three types of food, all four types of basic goods, all four types of luxury goods, and eight of the twelve types of exotic goods (more then eight caused the Exotic Market to crash when it attempted to place the checkboxes). Except for the green faces on the plebians for having three types of food, everyone went back to just being content when they had all four basic and luxury items. It seems C4 was programmed not with >= a particular number, but with == particular numbers resulting in levels of happiness. Since none of the scenarios allow for four types of basic or luxury goods, there is no special status for having that many. Sad. Anyway, obviously Rome fell because its citizens were jaded from having too much of everything good, although Rome in the game did not actually fall. This is probably somewhat true, in an indirect sense. I wonder if the game designers had this lesson in mind? :lol: