Transit Warehouses and granaries

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Transit Warehouses and granaries

Postby Nedumaran » Sun Oct 22, 2006 7:19 pm

A suggestion (realistic one too) that will allow for both greater strategic depth as well as better city designs is as follows:

Why not allow us to designate a warehouse or a granary as "transit?" A transit warehouse will accept goods as well as send out 2 or 3 delivery cartpushers to other warehouses or granaries. Then we could have such transit warehouses closer to farms/ factories and have a more robust and planning-friendly logistics. The arrangement also is logical.

This will eliminate a common complaint I see on the boards that the best way to manage the distribution system is to micromanage it with a chain of granaries and warehouses.

While it still won't beat the "get\accept" scheme from Pharaoh and Zeus, what I propose will allow us to enjoy the game more.

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Postby Vercingetorix » Wed Nov 01, 2006 9:44 pm

CivCity:Rome has this aspect covered. You can use donkey carts to move product from one warehouse to another. Same for granaries. As advanced as C4 is, it should include this functionality.

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Employee Numbers

Postby Fiend » Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:34 am

What about being able to manage the amount of employees dedicated to a warehouse/granary? (extra carts)

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Postby Cartpusher » Sat Jul 28, 2007 3:17 pm

I thought this was needed also, until I did a little bean counting and discovered that the maps aren't large enough to justify it.

For example, on the demo map, Narbo, I placed a clay camp in one corner and a pottery factory in the other corner with a very long road in between. The cartpushers from the factory could make a round trip for clay in the time that it took to make about 2-3 units of finished goods. Since the cartpushers can carry at least four units at a time, (five with the Mercury dedication) one cartpusher could keep the factory supplied with raw material. Since there are two cartpushers for each factory, you can imagine how much farther away a factory could be from the raw materials and still stay busy.

If you have several factories and several clay camps, the only thing that is really needed for efficient production is a collection warehouse near the raw materials. If you have several clay camps for example, place a warehouse a short way down the road toward the factories and let those three cartpushers pick up the onesie, twosies from the clay camps and concentrate them at the warehouse. Then, as long as you have enough clay campsto keep the warehouse at least partially full, your factory workers will always be able to pick up a full load. The warehouse is also an easy way to check the efficiency of your production chain. If it's frequently empty, add some more collectors or reduce the number of factories. If it's always full, do the reverse. If you place another collection warehouse for your finished goods, markets and trade depots can always carry away full loads further increasing the length of the chain.

With this little bit of planning and organization, there is no need for intermediate warehouses.

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