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Postby LynnStrauch » Fri May 01, 2009 11:09 pm


My game is scratched, and it will not install now.
Is there a way to get a download and install it that way?

I can send you my info so you can see it is paid for, and I did register it. I know a lot of computer companies are now doing this with patches. It will send it right to your email if you need help.



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Postby Keith » Sat May 02, 2009 6:20 am

You can buy a new copy of the game as a legal digital download from places like Direct2Drive.

Those digital download versions cannot use the regular patches. You have to get your patches from the digital download provider that you buy your game from.

Digital versions are supposed to get their tech support from those same providers. They aren't very good about technical support and now that Sierra is gone, they keep trying to palm off their responsibility to provide tech support on TM, which is not responsible for supporting their digital version of the game.

Other than that, you can get a disc repair kit, like Skip Doctor that repairs many scratches. Some kits are better than others. I've seen the Skip Doctor demonstrated on the t.v. new and it did seem to do what it advertises to do. They scratched some discs with sandpaper and ran t through their device and the discs worked afterwards.

You can also try to find a new disc version of the game on places like and other online stores.

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