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Postby Rnett » Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:55 pm

Post a dxdiag and maybe we can help.

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Can Caesar IV be played on Windows 7?

Postby waynemus » Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:01 am

Hi everyone.

I played Caesar II way back in high-school, and am quite keen to play the game again. I've installed the Caesar IV Demo as I thought it had more compatiability with Windows 7, which I'm running on my laptop. The game crashed just after I accepted my first mission.

An error window launched with "Unable to register COM interop. Message:Requested registry access is not allowed." I suspected that the incompatiable Dirext X program, may have been the cause, so I downloaded the most recent edition. Unfortunately this didn't assist with running the program.

Is it still possible to play Caesar IV on a Windows 7 machine? What adjustments does a Windows 7 user need to make to support the game?



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Postby Keith » Sun Dec 30, 2012 1:51 pm

Look and see if the demo folder where the game is installed as a RegistrationDLL.bat file. If it does run it by double clicking on it. It puts entries into the registry that the game installer some time missed.

There was a problem with this error message when the demo came out. Nothing seemed to work at first. I did find some info on the problem and possible fixes and it got put into a sticky thread here on the board. However, during the server moves the sticky thread links seem to have gone dead.

I did post the same info on the old Sierra Caesar IV forums where I was a volunteer moderator. Those forums are gone now, due to Sierra merging with Activision.

The internet archive has the thread on their "wayback" machine and the post I made on Sierra about the Interop problem follows:

From what I have been reading and understanding there is a key file for .NETFrame on your system blocking the registration of the DLL files. This sometimes leaves registry entries without permissions including the Administrator. This is a problem on your system and is not caused by the demo game.
There is a utility called RegMon that can help. Be sure to read the information in the links near the bottom of the page on how to use RegMon for troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. Problems running RegMon should be referred to the Sysinternals Regmon Forum .
Here is some text I found on how to use the RegMon ultility.
To start/stop the collection, under the RegMon File menu is Capture Events (also Ctrl+E). What I did was stop the capture, clear the list (Edit menu -> Clear Display), get ready to run the first command from RegisterDLL.bat (%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAs m.exe RomeScriptInterfaces.dll), turn capture on, run the command, turn capture back off. Then you can look for the entires for regasm.exe. You should find one or more entries where the Result column contains "ACCESS DENIED" (I had 3 of them, all for the same key). Will have to scroll a little as regasm likely will generate quite a list of accesses before it hits the error.

You can also built filters. Right clicking on a line gives a popup, and one of the entries is "Exclude Process". You can do this for some of the more popular names in the list (the irony is that Regmon itself shows up) to reduce the size. If you are quick with the start capture, run command, stop capture, the list shouldn't be too massive.

One word of warning here, that since you are working with your computer registry file any and all changes should be done with extreme care. A wrong entry could cause severe problems on your system. So be sure of what you are doing before you apply any changes. Most of all export a backup copy of your registry to your desktop for safety purposes using RedEdit. (Start > Run > RegEdit) before your make any changes to the registry.

Note: I have not rechecked the links to the links above so they could be dead as well.

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