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Help Needed

Postby justkinetic » Sun Mar 11, 2007 2:41 pm

I just received Caesar IV yesterday. Everything loaded okay and looks great. When begininning the tutorial I have these triangle looking shapes in white, blue, and black that flash across the screen. They are mainly located on the left side and uppercorner of the screen. I am able to see the lay of the land, roads, housing, etc. From reading some of the post I have downloaded the patch, changed my virtual memory, nothing helps. Attached is the DxDiag file you require. If you need more info let me know.
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Postby texasnightowl » Sun Mar 11, 2007 3:36 pm

Phil Walker wrote:Welcome! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your problem is obvious. You don't have a true DX8-complaint (minimum) video card, but only an Intel chipset. Intel does not do cards and even those that support the features have no drivers that support them, so a card is a must, not an option. Your DxDiag shown no AGP socket, so let's hope it's just disabled. If not your choices will be rather liminted. If you have never looked inside the case before, I'd suggest taking it into a local shop ann ask if you have an AGP or PCI-Express socket. If you have looked before, see if you have a green-colored or bronw/black-colored socket. If you do your choices are better. You won't be able to play with the PC "as is", I'm sorry to say.


Or visit the HP website for info on your model. Based on your CPU information I would guess that you probably have a PCI-Express socket but you will want to at least open the case and visit the website to confirm.

From the dxdiag:

System Manufacturer: HP Pavilion 061
System Model: RF254AA-ABA m7650n
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)

Because I was curious I visited the HP website. Based on your model info I think you have this one:

If so, click on Product Info and on the next page click on Motherboard Specifications. If you scroll down to the Expansion Slots section you will see that there is a PCI-E x16 slot. So assuming you don't already have something in there you should be able to buy a PCI-E video card and install it. Around $100 for a good one. Up to $200 or $300 or more for a top of the line gaming card.
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Postby texasnightowl » Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:51 pm

Phil Walker wrote:PS: Just saw your update. WHO are you kidding?! $100 for a PCI-Express card?! Since WHEN?! Quadruple it will be closer (for a "good" one). They go up to over $600 US now.

Since now.

Sapphire X1650 Pro - 256mb GDDR3
$105-25 MIR = $80

eVGA nVidia 7600GS - 512mb GDDR2
$113-20 MIR = $93

I would consider both of these basic good performance cards, wouldn't you? Granted, I run the AGP version of the x1650 pro but have no complaints when it comes to Caesar. I believe you run a 7600GS? AGP? PCI-E seems to be a bit cheaper than AGP...unfortunately for me at the moment.

No, not THE top of the line for gaming but the OP doesn't seem to need that or would have at least known more about the video capabilities on the box he bought.

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Postby justkinetic » Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:51 pm

Thanks for the fast reply. So based on your suggestions a PCI Express card should solve this problem? Would it matter what brand I get due to compatability? Any recommendations on where to get the card? Again, thanks for the help.

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Postby texasnightowl » Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:06 pm appears Phil and I are not going to agree on what a good, basic card is...FWIW, I have a Sapphire brand card (AGP) that I am perfectly happy with. However, if you'ld like to get some more opinions and input, please visit other hardware sites such as Toms Hardware forums and provide your system information including power supply information (best if you can get the 12v amps info from the label on the'll have to take your case cover off) and provide your budget and you'll get many recommendations. I still maintain you can get a card good for playing Caesar and occasional other games for $100. So provide your budget and your gaming habits. and go to the Graphics Adapters section.

For my gaming habits and system (a 3 yr old pc) a good $100 card was the best option. Even if I were building a new pc right now I would not spend more than $200 and there are plenty of options under that.

Good luck.
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Caesar IV problems with Vista

Postby phil-maskell » Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:13 pm

Hi Phil,
Long time no speak!
Hope the card is living up to its expectations!
I had my computer rebuilt due to a massive power surge!
Have now got Vista Enterprise which I am pleased with. The problem I currently have with Caesar IV is that it has stopped working with the error "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error". I do not understand why. It was working fine yesterday, but for some unknown reason it has stopped. There have been no updates, no changes to my computer, I am totally baffled and hope you can help me out. I have attached the file DxDiag.txt
Hope to hear from you soon,
Phil Maskell
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Postby texasnightowl » Mon Mar 12, 2007 2:00 am

Phil Walker wrote:Texasnightowl:
Your post IS SPAM! To refer to another site on a site where those who developed are located IS SPAM AND in POOR taste. You can disagree, which is your privelege, BUT DON'T refer to oother sites HERE! :mad: (Your post has been reported.) If the user opts, they can follow your advice, but are then are on their own, and same goes for YOU! I'll let my reputation speak for itself, if you'd care to look how many I've gotten their games working and better.

OP - I apologize that this has gotten so far off topic.

Phil - I went back and read the rules I agreed to when I joined this forum. There are NO RULES AGAINST referring to another community. Furthermore, I feel that since this is a SOFTWARE community that there is no reason why I can't point the OP to a HARDWARE community when he has a HARDWARE choice to make. You are obviously free to report my post as you did; however, I stand by it. He has a HARDWARE decision to make and though I have respect for the developers of this GAME it is just that...a SOFTWARE game. It is good for the OP to know that the developers primarily used nVidia cards. However beyond that he has a hardware decision to make. Furthermore I am not attacking you or your advice as not two weeks ago I followed your advice to help get the game going for me! However I still required a HARDWARE change in order to enjoy the game to its full potential.

If the moderators feel my post was out of order then so be it. However, I do not believe it is spam since I gain NOTHING from referring to the other site.

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