Cohorts won't return

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The Sage Nabooru
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Cohorts won't return

Postby The Sage Nabooru » Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:07 am

I was playing Hippo Regius and the republic was constantly harassing me for troops. They never won a battle, my plebs didn't produce arms and armor fast enough? Every time I started inching towards a full cohort for training if get an invasion. Anyway....

Finally I sent off four cohorts to assist Rome's legions and they never returned. Ever. I wish I had them around - I lost when Carthaginians invaded and I had one measly fort inching along in new recruits. I'd not have sent them if I knew they weren't coming back!

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Postby Keith » Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:51 am

There is always a chance that your legions may not be strong enough to help win the remote battle that you send them to. In that case, you'll lose that legion. A fully trained legion is stronger than a untrained legion. They can gain experience by fighting and surviving battles too.

If the aid you send is strong enough and Caesar wins the battle you'll get back the legions you sent less the losses they took in battle.

You can choose not to send your legion to the remote battle and help Caesar, but be aware you should only do this if it is a "request" for troops. Requests can be ignored with no penalty, but you lose the chance to gain favor with Caesar if you do.

"Demands" must be met. Fail and you lose favor with Caesar. You gain no favor for meeting a demand, but you avoid losing favor.

So pay attention to the way the message is worded and choose your battles wisely and find a way to increase legions more quickly for self-defense. Your city may have to forego some luxury for a while as you get your legions in order.

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