Ephesus - Empire 5

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Ephesus - Empire 5

Postby Poorman » Mon Nov 12, 2012 5:58 pm

Hello everyone.

I am ready to do the Ephesus economic scenario but have been dragging my feet about starting it because of all I have been able to read about it in this forum :eek: . Since I haven't been able to view or download any walkthroughs for it yet I decided to start the scenario and took a look around at the map. After I looked everything over I had absolutely no clue where to even begin :D .

So what I did, since I didn't have a clue to where to even begin building my starter town is I cleared the entire map of all miscellaneous junk and then I tried my best to fill every bit of it with something (buildings, tree, hedges etc) to fill as much of the map as I could so that I could more easily see where all the flat building areas would be. This took a few hours and was very boring to say the least. I didn't fill every green (buildable) microtile since it would have taken tons more time to complete but I did enough of it to get a general idea of the building layout available.

I just thought I'd share all this for anyone else who is still playing Caesar IV and needs to do Ephesus (Empire 5). You might find it helpful getting started to take a looksee before diving right in.

I have a save game of the map and four screenshots to look at so you can decide if you want to download the savegame or not. I have these uploaded to my Microsoft SkyDrive, you should be able to view the screenshots from there and download the savegame too. Let me know if you have any problems and I can just email them to you instead if you prefer.

This first link is the savegame file --> http://sdrv.ms/Zg4imC

These next four links are the sample screenshots of what I did:


If you download the savegame and load it to enter the map, just ignore the buildings. All you need to do is to set the Overlay to Law > Security to see it the way it's shown in the screenshots.

Hope this helps someone. Good luck! :)


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