Tingis - Let My People Go!

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Tingis - Let My People Go!

Postby Poorman » Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:15 pm

Hello everyone.

Has anyone ever tried doing Tingis without any city walls? Take a look at this map of my towns if you would. http://sdrv.ms/TQe76p

The last few scenarios I have played I have been using Kach's housing block with all three home types mixed in together. I was thinking of separating the homes this time, Plebs in one block, Equites in their own and Patricians by themselves too.

I was planning on putting Patricians at Town 3, Plebs at Town 2 next to the farms and industrial areas, and Equites in the area at Town 1. The reason I decided to switch Equites from Town 2 to Town 1 was because they need to be walled off, so I thought I'd wall off Town 1 in the dirt area, put Equites there and let them evolve and leave Towns 3 and 2 unwalled for aesthetics.

But then I got to thinking about the Invaders and how we cannot bribe them in this scenario. (This is what I've read, this is my first time doing the scenario myself though.)

So, how bad would things get for me if I only walled off Town 1 with the Equites living there. I should still be able to reach 40 Security right? And if I have three or four Cohorts of my own I might be okay without the walls/towers to help with the enemies?

Any suggestions for me, someone who wants to free the people and not confine them 'cept for those pesky Equites? :D


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