Iceni Queen,

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Iceni Queen,

Postby JuliaSet » Wed Sep 03, 2008 1:47 pm

This scenario was designed by Heironymus and aramann as a contest for CBC, (

If you are the master of their Military Tutorial, you will have fun in playing this creation on the insane level. Yes there are four difficulty levels for this scenario, so select your comfort level and dive right in. In order to beat our experts, you need to know more than the military portion of the scenario.

Results for this contest are at

For discussion about this contest go to The forum thread about this contest might be helpful as well.

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Postby goonsquad » Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:13 am

I actually did the base map and elevations for this one, from an old map of Londinium, but had little to no input into the flow of events or any other aspects, and thus was permitted to enter the insane difficulty, doing rather better than I expected. This started as a collaboration between three of us, but the important decisions were made by Aramann and Hieronymus, and after making the base map all I did was a little bit of testing.

Very few scenarios have seen the sort of attention to detail that is on show here. This took about six months to make.

The focus of it is military, and it has a major shift around two thirds of the way through, coinciding with the defeat of the Iceni Queen. It is also quite a complex scenario.

I'm most familiar with the Insane difficulty, as I said, and trust me it is very difficult indeed. Do not attempt it unless you are a very very good C4 player, and even then expect some trouble. The military will really test your resolve.

It takes quite a time for the excellence of this scenario to become apparent, but once you get through you can appreciate it.

Some good pieces of humour in the scenario too (in the Axis of Daggy Evil tradition), many of them centred around the designers. Igorus is Aramann, Cathius the Clown is Cathy (who tested the scenario extensively and provided some, er, poetic input) and Syebe (of Syeberia) is Hieronymus. The frog lake is in honour of yours truly.

I would recommend it provided you are prepared to take the time to get the feel of it and work out your strategy. Don't expect to breeze through it first go, even on the easiest version.
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Postby aramann » Thu Sep 04, 2008 12:39 pm

The Novice version may be easier and gentler for those who are not looking for as big a challenge. And as mentioned in another post I'm sure the great and powerful Oz, erm, Hiero, will release a sandbox version soon. :D

Goonsquad, hte map is truly a work of art and I know it wasn't easy to make to my exacting specifications, you did a great job. All WE did was add some "decorative accents" to it!

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Postby Hieronymus » Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:52 am

"aramann" wrote:And as mentioned in another post I'm sure the great and powerful Oz, erm, Hiero, will release a sandbox version soon. :D

The "great and powerful Oz" turned out to be a complete fraud of course :rolleyes: As I've told you before Aramann - you know too much :p

But yes, there will be TWO sandboxes based on goonsquad's excellent Londinium map. One will follow faithfully follow the Iceni Queen storyline. The other will be a more conventional sandbox - the rebuilding of Londinium after the fall of Boudicca; this will be aimed more at those for whom the military isn't really their thing (apart from bribing the natives).
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