Asteroid Annie

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Asteroid Annie

Postby goonsquad » Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:55 am

This scenario is the standalone version of the CBC C4 contest "Revenge of the Market Ladies". Unlike the contest, it has conventional mission requirements. The files are located on C4 Heaven. This C4 mission emulates some of the features of its predecessor, C3.

Briefing from Caesar:You are perhaps aware of the industrial troubles involving mistreatment of market ladies in the Kingdom of C3. Well these problems have unfortunately spread to our realm, and I have had to conduct lengthy negotiations with market workers and their sympathisers in order to be able to give you this assignment at all.

The assignment is a simple one. I want a good sized city built as quickly as possible.The C3 market ladies have a lot of sympathisers in our realm, and some groups it must be said have used this opportunity to feather their own nest as well. The conditions I have been able to negotiate are as follows-

1. At this stage only one market of any kind may exist in your city at any time. Negotiations are continuing on allowing more, you will be informed of any change that occurs. If you build any more than the agreed number of markets, you can expect swift action from picketers.
2. Priests have deemed that shrines may not be built in your city. They have also decreed that the god Neptune will be worshipped in your city. The failure to properly respect Neptune has long been a sore point with our clergymen as well as with Neptune himself, so it seems.
3. Sea trade to your city has been embargoed. The only trade that will take place is by land.
4. In order that I am not seen to be taking a side in the dispute, the starting money you are granted will be in the form of a loan, with compound interest payable at a rate of 10% per annum in advance. I require the repayment of the starting money, plus interest, in order for your mission to be considered to be completed.
5. Equites have negotiated for their superannuation packages, and as a result equite salaries will be reviewed annually in accordance with the equite workplaces you have built in your city. Pleb wages will be half of equite salaries.
6. Patricians will not be allowed to live in your city.
7. You are strictly forbidden to receive any salary during this mission.

As your province is quite rich in resources and has exceptionally fertile farmland, I will make a few insignificant requests for goods from you, and require these to be honoured in a timely manner.

One other matter that you need to know is that the land you will build upon is home to a couple of very strange native tribes. My understanding is that the natives are generally peace-loving, but I would suggest you do not upset them. Such natives in the past have been known to trade with Rome, this may assist you to overcome the financial loss of having no sea trade. I have arranged for mission posts to be constructed, it is up to you to find appropriate personnel to work in them.

Finally, it is likely that local enemies of Rome will bother you from time to time, and I would not rule out attacks from the striking market ladies, who are highly resourceful, if you manage to get a successful city established.

Victory Requirements:
Population of 7,000 or more.
Prosperity 25
Culture 50
Favor 50
Security 50
Money in treasury not less than starting money plus compound interest (total required will be displayed at the start of each year).
No defeat events have occurred (see below)

Defeat Events:
Debt in excess of 2,000dn.
Any imperial request not met by the time it falls due.
Failure to complete mission within ten years.
Caesar dismisses you (normal game function).
In the event of defeat the player should revert to a recent save and correct the circumstance that caused defeat.

This mission is intended as a time trial, so the earlier completed, the better.

Designers Notes:

This mission starts from a save file, and is played at Normal Difficulty in-game. This cannot be adjusted. All files within the zip file should be extracted to your C4 scenarios folder, except the c4s (save) file, which should be extracted to your Saved Games folder.

Neptune works much like he does in C3. He will bless you if he is happy and curse you if he is angry. Repeat blessings can only occur if Neptune has been displeased since the previous blessing. Neptune's current mood, and whether he is considering cursing you, may be ascertained by building one garden. Your likelihood of being cursed ranges from 0 anks (no chance of curse) to 5 anks (very high likelihood of curse). Massive statues (also called Winged Charioteers) are regarded as Neptune Temples in this mission. As a general rule, one Neptune Temple for each 1500 population is needed to keep him happy.

Another god may make an appearance in this scenario. This other god can also give blessings, and repeat blessings can be obtained.
Please read all in-game messages carefully.

All invasions can be bought off, but only from the Legion Advisor.

Asteroid Annie was designed by goonsquad and tested by Schwartzhorse and is based on the CBC contest "Revenge of the Market Ladies (C4 Edition)".

On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, this scenario would be around 8.
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Postby aramann » Tue Feb 17, 2009 1:55 pm

The contest was awesome, this should be too. I highly recommend it! :D

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