SCS: Destinations. Expansion Pack on May 23?

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Postby Mailman653 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:42 pm

I wonder if the new beach style places will be in it's own category in the game or will they fit into the already excisting ones. For instance how will a beach resort and huge swimming pool fit into my Cyberpunk city?

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Postby Azeem » Fri Feb 15, 2008 12:50 pm

I'm unable to see the full-size screenshots. I can see the thumbnails on the scrollbar but not the pictures.

For instance how will a beach resort and huge swimming pool fit into my Cyberpunk city?

Isn't the a "public pool" structure in the game under the "Prosperity" related venues?

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David Beebe
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Postby David Beebe » Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:18 pm

and yay for dancing!

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Postby Kuplo » Fri Feb 15, 2008 2:13 pm

Out of the 100 new buildings I'd love to know...
1. Have you all put in some ordinary type buildings in this one? You know things like traditional ranch style americana style homes, or more traditional condos etc?
2. Out of those 100 new buildings, how many individual buildings are there really? I mean are they truly 100 distinctly different buildings or are they like the dream homes where the three of them are slightly different and a different color but still overall look the same, but more importantly number 1 above.

I know there are quite a few people that would like more traditional looking buildings in the game so that would be great if that's what is included with the expansion however after seeing the picture of the Octopus tower, well Im just not .... Or perhaps that tower is in the original game and Ive just never unlocked it. I don't know, just wanting some more realistic looking, traditional average buildings for the game which would help to make more diverse cities in my opinion.

To the comment on page 2, Yes I remember SC4 before Rush Hour, and like all things, there are people that loved it and there are people that didn't. Prior to Rush Hour I still thought that SC4 was the best in the series and Rush Hour expansion only made it even better. When custom content came along it was not only the frosting ontop of the cake but the sprinkles on top too. Please give us a tool to create our own sprinkles and frosting TM.

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Postby Sim2Kid405 » Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:33 pm

"JuliaSet" wrote:Please consider the limit of what will fit on a CD.

Please consider the limit of the TIME allowed to complete a contract with its detailed list of inclusions.

Yes agreed, the marketing folks play a big part of what drives gaming releases. They are the ones that have the final say of what is made. The rest of the parties have to find a balance in how to get it all done.

Ok I agree to a certain extent, the limit on a dual layer dvd is 8 gigs, which can be plenty of room for what they have to put on a dvd, the cd yes is limited but remember the sims2 came on a dvd version then people complained about that and they finally put it on a cd version of the sims2, what ea and certain things to remember is that they need to limit the size of the download on ea link for a direct download, can you see anyone downloading a 7.5 gig game that ea puts out whether it be sims3 or sim city 6? so yes the cd is limited to what can go on it cause of the direct download which they want people to use the direct download so they have to keep the bytes to a limit, but remember if they wanted to put more they just add another disk to the game like the sims2 has disk 1, disk 2 disk 3 and disk 4, what will stop them to make disk 5, disk 6 and etc to get the items to the customers. and as for this expansion pack true or not but probably true, i'm sure and bet that it will have highways in it since that wasn't finished and there are files in the folders that is not connected to any xml files, and 3d graphics not completed, so probably will be seeing highways, and maybe they will upgrade the subway and let you actually build the tracks underground or above ground and have them connect to the subway entrance, what will also be great is that they put a bus garage depot in so you have to put one in to have bus's runnng not automatic as you put a bus stop, maybe they can also put in that you can mark specific routes to each bus and you can number each route and that the bus depot you put down can only handle like say 4 routes so you need to lay down more bus depot's, well maybe with this expansion pack will make this game alot more fun to play, gl and have fun all.

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