The only missing Feature's in SCS

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The only missing Feature's in SCS

Postby nankura » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:39 am

Hey guy's

Now i understand posting this will probably achieve nothing, but there is freedom of speech and since there isn't an idea's and suggestion's section, general it is

I am also aware that fan's will jump on me for this, but fact's speak quite loud and i hope one day Tilted Mill will hear us

Now SCS i under is not simcity's, it was meant and created to change the way to the game operate's, adding seperation of buildings, aspect's and the ability to micromanage alot of different action's in a more fun and "cartoon" way

But that doesnt change the fact that they left out the two feature' that everybody wanted in SCS, i have spoken to alot of veteran simcity lover's, i have read every review, watched every youtube opinion and they all say the exact same thing

"Curved roads and most of all ZONING" are the 2 missing feature's that would have made SCS such a great game to play and enjoy immensely. in the core of the game is a great game, but the city building features and single building placement's makes it tedious and almost a job to play and enjoy

It wouldn't be that hard to bring zoning to SCS, you could easily seperate apartements, farm houses, and other objects into residential medium/high/low and business would be easy to seperate into industrial

Just my 2 cent's, i love the game, but the missing feature's of curved roads and zoning just kills it

Sorry Tilted Mill's, good effort regardless. Personally i don't want to see SCS go down the drain completely due to the release of simcity's 5, a phew extra feature's and SCS could actually be a great competitor and alternate choice for those who want a good mix of both game's
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Postby Azeem » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:35 pm

TM was the developer, but the project was pretty much driven by EA, the publisher. The TM staff does read our posts, but they likely can't really do anything with SCS since it was a one-time contract. The entire staff that worked on SCS no longer works at TM and any support (and lack thereof) is pretty much handled by EA.

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