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Postby tobing » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:25 am

"John-SJ" wrote:Hey Tobing, is Villages and Cities a community effort game? If so, are you actually coding? Or still working out the design?

Not community effort, at least not yet. I'm coding since quite a while now, and got the basic features of the core game together and working well. Now I'm adding some UI dialogs and interaction things. Every now and then I'm also adding a few more goods to produce and the associated buildings, so there's a plan but it's not yet completely implemented. Well playable nevertheless, you can try it:

This is a hobby of mine, doing the creative coding things when coding at work tends to be not-so-interesting or bound to implement other peoples ideas. ;)

Graphics is the most missing part of the whole game, so most of what the game now shows is placeholders for some future real images. Everything is defined by external images in PNG format, and definitions are all taken from scripts, so it's quite possible to replace the whole definitions and graphics with something else... I do have modding in my mind here, and possiblities for people who are interesting in helping out to do so and play around with this. In case of questions just ask.

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