Simcity Societies VS Simcity Creator Wii

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Simcity Societies VS Simcity Creator Wii

Postby Simtopia23 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:40 pm

two games seem very different but in the end have much in common.

SimCity Creator is a version of SimCity for Wii and DS that lets you create your city throught hero buildings choosing from various styles all with the ease of creating very unusual, with the ability to create curved roads and maintaining the complexity of SimCity 4.

SimCity Societies is the hand we all know is totally different from the SimCity series and is based on the concept of creation that is very easy to choose the buildings to put on and put them on the map, the basic version is very thin and easy but with the update and expansion becomes completely by adding a healthy dose of complexity, scenarios that do not go to clash with the ease of creation.

SimCity Creator

more flexibility in road sector
possibility of building any city in any form (including circular)
many modes of play including airplane rides and more
ability to create any type of city with Hero Buildings
is always a Simcity

Graphic rather superficial
unnecessary interfaces (such as messaging or advisers)
system creating shallow areas
controller in the construction of roads has recently tested

SimCity Societies
Easily create and combination buildings
allows you to create your city by choosing any building
IA of population
beautiful graphics but ...
... the long run by several annoyances with the game crashes and buggy
sector management much more superficial
road sector much worse in the flexibility of creating

The Sims Studio VS Tilted Mill!!!!!!! :D :D :D

simcity creator gameplay

producer walkthrought

Simcity societies gameplay

simcity societies producer EA

Producers TM

part 2

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Postby Simtopia23 » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:42 pm

Epic Fail :D

i don't put the Pool

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