Tips and Tricks for Strategic Mode

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Tips and Tricks for Strategic Mode

Postby eladimir » Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:14 pm

I've been crawling these forums over the last couple weeks as I've gotten back into SimCity Societies and wanted to post some of my own findings recently.

1) In starting a city I've found no more efficient way to go than building some communal farms with some elder councils and some row housing. This is the best opening money maker I can find.

2)Good opening venues, soccer fields and baseball fields are excellent

3)Mid game its important to have phased out any and all of your unhappy homesteads, trailer parks etc. Its hard enough to keep people happy let alone with they have a trouble homelife thats keeping them down. I like to use the +1 happy homes if I can but find they are usually quite expensive with little population. Favourites are condo complexs, townhouses and row houses. Little bland but this is more of a min/max tip sheet

4) Retail Venues. Retail seems to be amoung the biggest hits in the game and can help immensely. Earlier onethe flea market is a sure fire hit and pretty fun to watch. The Megamall once its unlocked is fantastic with a 50 person capacity and a small foot print. Surround it in small fountains and gardens for a great look and effectiveness.

5) Other Venues. Another personal favourite of mine and skads of Altars, they're small fit just about anywhere and seem damn popular since they're always full. They spawn elders which up other altars making for good synergy. A venue I used last game and didn't like was the Arboretum, its huge, expensive and only holds 7 people. Worse if you try to bulldoze it later the ground it leaves is uneven and very hard to flatten with the tool. I will admit by leaving it and building my city around it gave a nice central park look.

6) Destinations. I haven't done much with travellers but these destinations are fantastic, try generating a city with the three reasonably clustered and start building in the center, as you build out and encompass them your citizens will be quite happy. If you want to incorporate them earlier build a road out to them and provide a bus stop. Keeps you sims from wasting the entire weekend walking to one venue.

7) City Collapse. Number one thing I've learned is always keep a decent float, many times I've been building on a friday and hit broke. The low income high upkeep on the weekend will ensure by monday morning your cities buildings are damaged your societal value out of wack and city that will slowly spiral downward. So watch for fridays its hard to recover from a major finance collapse. (Build a federal bank, so if this happens you can issue 2 loans to cover your weekend instead of the standard 1 $5000 bond)

8) Autosave. Lots of people say it leads to crashes but an autosave every 5mins means when it does crash you don't lose 30mins of work which can (and led me) to quitting the game for a while.

9) Mixing RCI. I love blocks of workplaces and blocks of homes as you'd do in standard sim city. But mixing work home and venue in each city block can do wonders for you city since people can get home work and venue in such shorter trips.

Well thats it for now, some of this might of been common knowledge but hope I helped a little.


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Postby CatMajik » Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:12 pm

Great tips eladimir.

I always start with a Town Hall work place since it adds $$ to other work places close by.

I also start with condos or town houses.

VENUES: I use the hiking trail as soon as I can as the peeps really seem to like it. Though it alters the ground it is on, so be sure that is where you it b4 you place it.

The Cafe is a good starter since it doesn't cost much and is the book store.

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