Problem with rogue sims

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Problem with rogue sims

Postby Draftstone » Mon Mar 08, 2010 6:34 pm

Hello everyone

I just got Simcity societies last week-end and I am enjoying it.

I tried building a big capitalist city (using Normal gameplay) and everything was going pretty good until I pass around the 25k population mark.

My rogue sims number can't seem to lower down.

I have way more venues than workers in my city (from the city stats window)
I have absolutely no traffic (almost no car) since I have subways stations everywhere in my town (at least one every block).
I have clinics/hospital a little bit everywhere.
I use nuclear power plants and they are all in the corner of the map, so no nerby homes that are affected by the negative happiness.
I think crime is at high, but I rarely see sims complaining about it, they are all complaining about being sick, tired or wanting to go to a venue.

And even with all this, I see sick sims not going anywhere (and the closest hospital/clinic is empty), angry sims standing in front of a full home saying they are tired and need to go home but simply stand still (I have like 20 housing more than I have jobs), sims angry because they need to go to a venue but simply stand still after leaving work. And the number of sims that could not visit a venue the day before is over 1000 everyday even if I have way more venue space than I have workers (about 700-800 more venue space than workers).

Can anyone help me to show me what could be the problem here? Because with all those rogue sims, a lot of buildings are always shut down and my societal values are always going from like +50 to -150 since way too many buildings are getting shut down.

Thanks in advance

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Postby Norm35 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:12 pm

Sounds like no one action will solve your problems but a few suggestions are:

See how much time your workers spend commuting back and forth to work. If they spend too much time commuting, and are not getting enough sleep, they will be tired and after enough of it, they will be sick. Try following a few for a few game days and see how much sleep they are getting.

See whether your venues are open during the hours they are needed. Consider setting up a few on a 24 hour per day schedule. Flea Markets seem to work out pretty well on that kind of schedule.

Find a way to encourage your workers to visit healthy venues. Try raising the Happiness Effects on on a few healthy venues to attract visitors there.

Other than these, try to make the attractiveness and happiness effects the same on all venues. Otherwise, workers will compete for the the most popular venues; some will be unable to get in; this makes them unhappy. Avoid locating popular venues where workers have to travel a long distance to get to them. Look for workers who are trying to reach venues that are so far away that they have to turn back before reaching them in order to get to work; these workers are probably not getting enough sleep.

Place Clinics where they are easy to get to and locate venues between worker homes and job locations.

Getting rid of rogue sims is possible but first try to reduce the causes and thus the number of them. Some roques may occur regardless of what you do. Once a sim gets angry it is difficult to cheer them up again. Some roques can be ignored and will eventually go away. Once a rogue has shut a workplace down its happiness state is raised to Content and if the original cause of the problem has been removed it may not happen again. When all else fails, they can be killed off using special scripts but if the cause is not identified and removed there will just be more.
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Postby Cheiromancer » Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:12 pm

Some of your venue capacity might be from half-day venues like schools and churches. There might be a shortage of space when the sims have the time to go. Having a few high capacity venues instead of a lot of low-capacity venues might help, too. Full venues probably leads to frustrated sims.

I also struggle with big cities. I think that sims have trouble getting to all the places they want to go. They often choose destinations on the far side of town even when there are better places close by. I am going to try an "entertainment district" with all the venues close together, so sims don't have very far to walk.

Problems with unhappy sims don't clear up right away. If you've just added some venues it could take weeks before the sims are all happy again.

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Postby MidrealmDM70 » Fri Jul 09, 2010 6:51 pm

"Draftstone" wrote:Can anyone help me to show me what could be the problem here? Because with all those rogue sims, a lot of buildings are always shut down and my societal values are always going from like +50 to -150 since way too many buildings are getting shut down.

Thanks in advance

Your rogue sims are a direct result from unhappy sims

Crime, sickness, etc. all contribute to being unhappy.

Even with massive amounts of public transport (subways/busses) there is a time delay in taking these. So your sims may be spending more time riding the subway than they need to (ie. it might be quicker for them to drive).
I can't say if that is the case or not, but thining out the subway stops so that they are only used if the Sims need to travel over a certain distance might help.

Place some retail venues that sell accessories to help keep your Sim happiness up.

Get your crime under control, not only will it makes sims unhappy but pickpockets will steal accessories.

Most health care facilities close in the evening, which means sims can't visit them after work, only on weekends.

One last thing,
When your sims are standing still and not visiting venues it could be simply because the game can't process all of the data. Your asking it to handle the decisions for all of your workers, where they are going, their mood, condition, etc. You may simply have reached the limit of what it can process.

You might try changing your game settings to increase performance and see if it has an impact. I seem to remember a setting for 'abstracting' sim behavior, that might help.

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