Problems with resizing map

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Problems with resizing map

Postby Furlong » Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:06 am

A little introduction...
Hi everyone, i am new to this forum, i have started to play SCS and destinations last year and as a Simcity fan, since i was 8 year old(i'm now 20), i initially dislike the game, but later, when i started to play it as "another game" instead of a simcity and started to focus on the society and its appearance i ended up liking a lot of it, but there are some... I mean, LOTS of problems that kind of affect my experience in this game(for the bad side)...
1 - Bugs and its overuse of my computer resources(to which i upgraded a few months ago)
2 - Map is too small
3 - Not too many buildings to each type of society
4 - That annoying problem with the floating buildings
And other problems...
Fortunately you people seem to have figured a way out/around some of these problems, and even though its currently impossible to make new models, the reskining of buildings is a good way out for the number 3 of my list...

My problem...
So, i was checking your guides and posts and i followed some of these instructions, like the ones of this thread ( ) and so among some of the things present there, i changed the size of the map, initially to 1024, but i figured that i'm probably gonna need some more memory to run a map of that size without lag, so a changed to 512, but another problem came up, in most of the map, if i place a building, i cant demolish it, and i can somehow put another building inside it, its like if the building no longer had a collision box, no longer occupied space in the map, with except for the front of the builbind, the area that connects to the street, that seemed to be the only one to still ocupy space, can anyone help me??

In case it matters, my OS is Windows 7 Ultimate.

Ok, i think i posted thins in the wrong section of the forum, i've found a work around in here , but still, is there any other solution to this?
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Postby Azeem » Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:01 am

Not that I'm aware of. That's the only workaround anyone has posted here.

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