Bean counting for Cotn?

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Bean counting for Cotn?

Postby JuliaSet » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:17 pm

Tink, you probably know where the data is.

I have not played cotn since testing Azeems contest(months ago), but I've not payed much attention to how many farmers will feed, x.. or is it bakeries serving x number. I play rather instinctively. (which makes me an easy level player for most games) I just can't stand the micromanagement for very long... so never got to the hard level division. I just might see if I can get an unofficial run at Azeem's pyramid building speed contest.

Can you please post some links here or basic data?

I generally run out of huts and over build. This time I want to play more efficiently.

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Postby Kiya » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:46 pm

I'm not Tink, nor do I have any hard data, but I guess I may reply.

I too play more or less instinctively. I don't know how many people one bakery can feed; I just notice if there is very little baked bread left so there one more bakery is needed somewhere there. The more labourers/ soldiers/ whatever - the more bakeries are needed. Also elite workers like priests/scribes... need a bakery somewhere close by.

A bakery can hold 500 units food, a granary 2000 units of food.

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Postby Kiya » Tue Jun 03, 2008 7:04 pm

I'm still not Tinkie, but here is something MarkDuffy wrote about bakeries, granaries and food. Hope this helps you Julia. :)

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Postby Tinkerbell » Wed Jun 04, 2008 5:46 pm

JuliaSet, I don't know how to respond to your post.

COTN is much more than just feeding your people, cuz they need food to buy wares & for Nobles to improve their townhomes. You also need food for opening World Map sites/upkeeping them & to prepare for failed flood years.

Kiya gave you an old link that might help.

I start with 4 maxed Nobles, planning to ultimately having 12. Bakeries need time to make prepared food & IIRC, a baker makes one unit of prepared food every 7 game minutes, if he is not running all over the place doing other things.

Spreadsheeting or bean-counting COTN is difficult, cuz it is a holistic game & adjusts for different situations.

As you gain prestige, add Scribes set to only access taxes close to the floodplain to double the food output of every field counted. Spread your Scribes out so they do not waste time finding uncounted fields.

Running outta villagers can be prevented by either building more slowly & especially by having lots of farmers. Use your initial villagers to produce mainly farmers. Regardless, you are not doomed in any way, if you run outta villagers. You just have to wait a bit for more childbirth & that doesn't really take that long.

City growth comes mainly from farmer children, cuz they are on the bottom of the class scale & we have a lot of them. Villagers do not reproduce new villager huts. New villagers only come from kids kicked out of existing homes or homes evacuated for one reason or another.

EDIT: This sticky in the Game Help & Strategy section might help

List of Useful Forum Threads

Also, F1 or the big ? on the interface gets you to the HELP Section. Very first item is INDEX. It has every keyword in the game. There is another big ? on the World Map that has additional information.
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Postby JuliaSet » Wed Jun 04, 2008 7:13 pm

Thanks Tink,

I kinda rambled my way through testing building the pyramid, and just wondered if there was some way to be more efficient.

I used to play CotN a lot, but have not done so this past year. SPecially since C4 came out.

I was watching the team contest players bang on numbers, trying for predictable growth and resource distribution and it occured to me that I didnt know or possibly remember how many farmers/huts were needed..

At one time I wondered what it might take to feed a city with 4 nobles, increase the palace builds etc. I know that one needs more for world level, but it sure is danged hard to predict what one needs for an efficient city.

With the new version of Cotn, am guessing more folks will be back and working on refreshing their memory of how the game fit together. The funny thing about CotN, is as you said, its rather organic, so very hard to make beans out of that. I'd wondered if you might have found some magic algorhythem in playing CotN and doing labs so often.

Guess I have to watch it grow... at least half of the day, cause I cant see a danged thing durning the night half of the game.

Thanks for the reply,

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Postby Yahya » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:46 pm

Hi JuliaSet,

There is a brightness slider in the game settings that will help the night view. It does get awfully dark without electricity! :p

My feelings on "bean counting" are that I build more or less as Tink said. I plan for 12 nobles, and the corresponding number of farmhouses, with all nobles and the palace fully developed. (That number is 106 farmhouses, by the way). I lay those farmhouses out first, close to the floodplain, and build the city around them, as they are the most integral cog in the machine.

Once I get the city going, if I don't like my food reserves, I add extra nobles, usually two at a time. That is very rare though, even all areas of the city developed.

Sometimes I find not enough food in bakeries, so I add more in areas where I think I need them. I shoot for one granary as soon as possible in the scenario, and then a few years later, I build at least three more (preferably seven). If those four (or eight) are later mostly full, or I have too much spoilage, I add a few more to keep things flowing.

I occasionally check shops to see how much bread they have. If it is not enough, and they are nearly out of wares, I make sure there is enough food in the city. If they are low on food, and maxed on wares, I know there are too many shops (people are getting everything they need, and are not shopping).

Basically, that is how I manage food. The rest of the stuff I manage by checking the reports (not sure of the name), and making sure religion is all set, and such.

It is really a kind of loosey-goosey way of managing, but it works really well.

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Postby JuliaSet » Wed Jun 04, 2008 9:01 pm

Thanks Yahya,

I wondered if there was another approach. My game is rather loosy goosie too, finding few "beans" to count. LOL I know how to get things to happen, but if I want efficiency, its roulette, since I'm not in the flow of CotN just now.

I used to be able to guess instinctively what was needed, but geez, I have many more hours of play to get it back... and a few other things to do like return to school this summer for a pottery class.


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Postby Khanon » Wed Jun 11, 2008 6:51 pm

heh Not-Tink chiming in here too...

I play my whole game by ear. Once a certain style starts to develop, I run with that. I just keep an eye on food stores, try not to overbuild, and let the gods sort the rest out. I can play up to medium difficulty on most cb or strat games that way. Won't ever get to hardcore gaming with that philosophy, but then the other part of my philosophy is "hardcore is too much like work...and if I'm going to work that hard, they better pay me..." *shrugs*

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