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Postby Laclongquan » Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:16 am

"Laclongquan" wrote:1st thing you do is Pause the game:

1. Nobles placement: I always try to place 9 Nobles, Commander, Overseer, Palace plus 2 set of common shops, 1 of luxury, 3 servant shacks, together in one place. They are the source of elites, so the sole school and mortuary is in there too. They are not necessary near the peasant quarter. They should be near luxury materials like acacia trees and flower. later on I will put a merchant center and more lux/common shops as both shopping centre and export area. If this placement is quite near the clay and rush, one brickmaker as the royal supplier. Shrine of Isis, later on Horus, then finally patron god.

Bugger! :eek: I should have said "reserved space for commanders" since normally not every scenarios need armies. We need the to reserve spaces early so later on we have enough for those late-comers like commanders and overseers. It would be quite awkward to place them on the fringe, since I want to provide all their comforts possible.

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Postby Ouijdani » Mon Dec 07, 2009 7:47 pm

I generally start a little more slowly. I build Palace, 2 Nobles, 2 Servants and about 30 farm sites to start (on Pause). At the end of the first planting day I make 8 common shops and 3 lux shops.

Then I make 2 bricklayers, 4 brick works, bakery, priest house (teacher), school, the other 3 lux shops and a papy works during the first harvest day.

I build apothecary, mortuary and court while the noble's kids are being trained, and build my 2nd priest house when I have someone to fill it. The 2nd graduate usually shows up the 3rd year.

Pharaoh's first tomb (sm mastaba) goes up the 2nd or 3rd year.

At this point, the objectives of the scenario take over and dictate the course of play.

Of course with the really unusual scenarios, like Farmville, totally different tactics are required.


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