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Game crash

Postby CustomR » Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:28 am

The game is crashing to desktop when I click on sims. It seems to be a BEX error but unfortunately I forgot to copy the entire message. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and how do I correct this? Thanks.

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Postby Keith » Sun Dec 09, 2012 9:13 am

BEX refers to Buffer Overflow Exception. (See:

If this is a XP system go to START > MY COMPUTER.

Right click on MY COMPUTER. On newer WIN 7 or Win8 you probably have a desktop icon labeled "Computer." Right click on that and proceed.

Click on Properties.

Click on Advance tab.

Click settings button in "System Performance".

Click "Data Execution Prevention" tab.

Set it so that "Dep is turn one for all programs...."

Click the ADD button.

Select the program executable mentioned in the BEX error message that is giving you the BEX error message from the displayed menu. You may have to browse to find the file.

Click Apply.

Close all menues. Try the program again.

IF that doesn't fix the problem you can return things to the way they were by removing the program from the DEP exception list and resetting DEP so that it covers just the essential Windows applications (default setting.)

Still not sure:
Watch these.

For some reasson, Windows is seeing your game as a threat and DEP is shutting it down, hence you get the BEX error message. Adding the game EXE file to the DEP exception list should prevent the problem.

(Funny how these problem seem to run in bunches. So I just pasted my reply from another threadhere.)
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