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Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:06 am
by pcgamer2
After a long pause, the SCS Mod Compilation Distribution 2014.08 release is now available! Please see the updated first post of the thread to download. This post will be used for changelog.

SCS Mod Compilation Distribution Beta [ Release 2014.08 ]Changelog

  • Fixed broken download link by hosting the file on a new and more reliable cloud service
  • Included the only new mod created since the 2011.11 release: Azeem's Korean Buildings Pack
  • Created a new warning label and instructions for properly using this package (or just SCS mods in general)

The 2014.08 release is merely a service release, evident by the three changes above. Since I still do not play SCS nor have it installed as of now (though would love to, I will figure it out someday), the grander goals of this project will probably never come into fruitation. If anyone has anymore suggestions, bug reports, or feedback to report however, I will address them much more timely then I previously have. Sorry for neglecting this project for so long. I would hope at least we could be able to root out more problems with mods in the compilation by being able to determine levels of stability for the mods included (and thus create folders within the package indicating which is which). In any case, enjoy the newly updated package!

Posted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:30 pm
by Azeem
Nice to see an update. :) I've also been wanting to do a major update for my old stuff. But I'm away from my other computer so I haven't been able to fiddle around with SCS as of late.

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:18 am
by pcgamer2
I finally held my nose and reinstalled windows (8.1) on a partition and thus reintroducing SCS to my computer for good. There will definitely will need to be another update to this compilation, as I've noticed at least 1-2 unstable mods I marked somehow made their way in, and even so I've found new unstable mods. I'm believing MRW_Western_addon, MRW_Western_homes, MRW_Western_main, MR2_Syndicate, MR2_Syndicate_addon are causing C5 errors soon as I removed them my crashing issues seemed to have gone away...would anyone else like to verify this? I also did remove a mod called "metallic" along with it at the same time though I think that one is less likely. I'm starting thinking MidrealmDM70's mods are generally red flags, especially if used with Destinations.

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:07 pm
by Azeem
Many of MidRealm's mods were made specifically for vanilla SCS, hence the compatibility issues with SCS Destinations. I'm not sure if he ever got around to making Destinations-compatible versions.