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Postby red7204 » Tue Jan 19, 2010 6:59 pm

I started hinterland a few days ago. I tried yeoman, architect, and entrepreneur on hard. I mainly tried yeoman at first. I lost about 6 or 7 games in the first 15 to 20 minutes before I figure a few other things out, about having your town help defend, how to make money and food etc.

I finally got a game right as entrepreneur and got a huge town going with loads of craftsman class making money and herbalist class making money and potions.
Along with witches/warlocks, merchant, and tavern.

I ended up with a level 12 character, level 9 armorer, level 9 weapons maker, and level 8 dragoneer for fighting in the wilderness. But what happened as I ended up with a food shortage and lost my dragoneer, and a few other people and had to get rid of some guards. So even at high levels sometimes problems can happen. But by then I had 2000 in gold and it was not hard to replace people. And having over a 1000 fame did not hurt much.

So far in playing this, if one mistake is made or your hero dies it can ruin the game in an instant with no way to recover. As its partly up to chance, depending what the king wants, the raiders attacking you, and what resources are surrounding you.

After playing I came up with some ideas and found a few bugs that might make the game more manageable.

The two bugs that I found was that if you die or make a new game, the previous skill traits in the hero's menu or still there from the previous game.
To get rid of this the only way was exit to the desktop and restart the game and then load the saved game

The other bug was that sometimes on the region map certain icons would disappear. The times that it happened to was the town icon disappear, and the raiding parties message would show up, but no raiding party was seen on the minimap. They would show up unexpected and have no icon on the region make. Only way to fix it was to exit the game then restart.

I guess this is a bug too, but for some reason peasant/merchant clothes can't be stack in the inventory. So loads of brown shirts take up space when replaced with armor rather than stack in one slot.

Something that other rpgs have is a weapons switch, so how about a weapon switch ability for the hero so if he/she has a bow they can switch to a melee weapon if they get charged.

Maybe a balancing issue but the king sometimes ask for things that are really far away and high levels and not really obtainable early in the game. Like him asking for game meat and the game forest is high up the map and a lvl 8 danger level and the game has barely started. But this happening was rare enough that it did not cause too much trouble.

The town inventory is the same as the hero inventory, why not have the town inventory be larger, or the ability to build a warehouse that increases the inventory for the town, or a backpack for the hero which can be put in the misc items slot

Sometimes when I was fighting in the wilderness, follows would not run when their health was low, so what about an all run/ or specific follower run key. Same thing with towns, since you don't know what type of enemies are going to show up till they get there. How about an all fight or all run key for the town itself. If 4 giant red dragons show up, even if they town is full of lvl 4 or 5 npcs they are going to die to the red dragons.

Something that would help a lot is progress bars for leveling, building, and researching.
The bar that has the npcs name, could be used an overall progress bar location for the next level..
Or a progress bar for building or researching so people can know how close they are to producing a weapon or researching a how to make an item.

Ability to sell excess food for profit at the merchant, being a yeoman I had 250 food but very little gold.
Or have traveling merchants, who rarely come through but sell special items relics, instruments, dragon eggs. They could see only one item, like a dragon egg and the next time an instrument. To balance it they could have a very large price tag.

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Postby red7204 » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:30 am

I was playing today and had a very similar problem every time. That is when raiders come to the town, sometimes fights happen between buildings, and its too easy to accidentally click on a building, which brings up the building menu, but the combat keeps going and time is wasted exiting the menu. So why not disable the building menus when combat is happening in the village.

Also some of the female craftsman the hammer graphic is missing from then, and some male npcs equipping them with a helmet does not show up either.

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