Localization Testing Needs: French, German, Spanish

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Localization Testing Needs: French, German, Spanish

Postby _KPaul » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:02 pm

In order to help us more thoroughly handle any language Bugs that exist in Hinterland, I need to specifically spell out what it is we need. Hopefully this post will make it clear about how to help us fix the problems.

There are two significant parts to localization testing: Language Bugs and Interface Bugs. Language Bugs are the problems with translation, grammar, spelling, typos, etc. Interface Bugs [perhaps obviously] are the Bugs where the text doesn't fit in the space provided on its UI element. Since nobody at Tilted Mill is an expert at any language other than English, this stuff is all extremely difficult and tedious for us to find on our own. This is where you guys come in!

Language Bugs, I think, require the least amount of explanation. You guys know your languages, so you guys know when something isn't right. Oftentimes these Bugs exist because the context isn't understood by the translator, so they just translate the incorrect meaning. The best way to catch these is by simply always playing in your native language. You'll find these as you play just as you would if you were testing in English.

The first attached screenshot is an example of how a Language Bug should look like in Elementool. Particularly important is telling us what it currently says compared to what it should say. This will help us immensely in finding the text you're referring to.

Interface Bugs are trickier and require more active testing. Just playing, even several games over many hours, could easily end with you never seeing certain UI elements and dialogs. So an effort needs to be made to use the Hinterland UI Names DOC to help remind you of dialogs and UI elements you may have forgotten to check. Interface Bugs can also hide out in different resolutions, so an effort also needs to be made to check problem areas in several resolutions to make sure that it doesn't cause a problem in only one resolution and none of the others.

The second attached screenshot is an example of how an Interface Bug should look like in Elementool. It's particularly important that you include what the full text says in the STR section of the record, like the image shows. By including the exact UI spot *and* the text that should be there, we can more easily find the Bug internally and verify that we've fixed it. The resolution information is also vital [if it applies].

On a final note, if you understand how languagetext works, feel free to specifically tell us the token ID of the text in question. That will help us even *more* quickly fix the problem. If you have no idea what on earth I just said, then you can ignore this last paragraph =P

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