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Sug Compilation

Postby _KPaul » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:16 pm

I'm interested in compiling all the Sugs you guys have in order to officially sug them internally for the upcoming content patches. If you have a Sug that you posted before, or you have some Sugs that you've never posted, now is your chance to make sure I see them.

Post one response to this thread listing all of your Sugs.


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Postby Boaster » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:37 pm

Display Version in-game
Self explanatory. On the title screen, somewhere on the bottom of the screen. Perhaps bottom left.

New Difficulty - Very Easy
A new difficulty for newbies, called Very Easy. A player will start with one area cleared (Always a Spring), a Hostel, 1 Farmer and 1 Trapper.

Original Suggestion (quoted):
"Boaster" wrote:On very easy mode, I think the player should start with a small already established town. Starting buildings would include 1 Hostel, 1 Farmer and 1 Trapper to begin with.

ZOOM feature
Using the Mouse wheel, players would enjoy the ability to increase and decrease the view of the field. Maximum being an equivalent of the town view. Minimum would be seeing only the character and 1 inch around him on each side of the screen.

Hotkeys - Highlight hotkeys in Yellow
More hotkeys, i.e. "T" for Townview.

Also have the hot keys for the particular dialog highlighted in a different color and/or underlined. Especially would be nice for the Title screen "R" for Resume, "C" for Character, "O" for Options, etc.

A hotkey ("X" in Exit) is NEEDED for exiting TALK dialogs.

Improve Combat AI
"Boaster" wrote:This is an improvement suggested mainly for characters, monsters, or NPCs which used ranged attacks/magic or heal.

If they are attacked, they should attempt to run away.

Now, for a Priest or Acolyte which heal, they should probably only attempt to run away from the attacker if they're healing units other than themselves. Ranged units/Archers probably should only run away after 3 consecutive MELEE attacks on them.

Also a minor improvement for the AI would be for other surrounding monsters in melee to change focus to whatever character is attacking the weakest monster.

Remove Grass Icon from the Map
"Boaster" wrote:It is all to confusing since that a regular grassy area, mandrake AND Herbs all look very similar on the map.

Replace the grass icon for open fields with like... something else.

"Miut" wrote:Since it is either a den or a small camp, what about a tent symbol?

"Boaster" wrote:Hey, that'd work. So why not.

"Boaster" wrote:Even though the Grassy icon was not removed, this is proof that it would be appreciated and that it should be replaced with something else, or removed completely.

The grassy icon is too confusing when Mandrake, Herbs and a plain old grassy field look similar.

"Bugsy" wrote:I have to add support for this Sug. I go looking for the herb fields right off, because the alchemist is so very very important to get healing potions...although I have Finally figured out if I make that stupid little acolyte go with me, he heals me outside town!

:eek: OMG! lol And, he gets levels while doing it! :eek: Neato!

And...he dies very quickly because he is stupid, and should be wearing a sign, so that we know he is stupid, and that he won't run screaming like a good little noob when he's being hit...noooooo...not our fine little acolyte...he'll stand there trying to heal himself and DIE! :mad: Moron. Annnnnnnnywaaaaaaaaaay....

PLEASE change the mandrake to like RED grass or something, and only herb fields have green grassy look on the map. Camps or patrols, should have something a little different. It doesn't have to make it obvious which they are, but even changing the grass colors to code them a little would help! Like, if it's not herbs or mandrake, make it yellow or brown grass. Or purple for all I care lol

"Boaster" wrote:I noticed that's one thing this game lacked was neutral passive critters. Just miscellaneous animals running around. Birds flying by. Horses trampling over unsuspecting rabbits. You know, random critter stuff.

Regeneration Display
Original Attached image
"Boaster" wrote:Attached is an image, of an idea for displaying how much you're being regenerated.

For instance, each Arrow can represent how many HP you're regenerating per 3 seconds.

HP regen would reset to zero when hit, and then every 3 seconds that passes after that hit, your regen kicks in again.

I dunno, you figure something out that works.

Purple/Blue Tint on Glow
"Boaster" wrote:Add a purple [or blue] tint on the glow of an enemy corpse with items, for those corpses which have magical items.

Requests and Raiders in a LONG Game
"Boaster" wrote:Games set to Long
Raiders once every 5 days minimum.
Requests from the King once every 7 days minimum.

Fulfilling the King's request within 3 days yields a reward, after that, nothing.

These are my suggestions for games set to Long.

Fulfilling the King's request within 3 days yields a reward, after that, nothing.
Also see above.

Defense mod for Pitchforks
"Boaster" wrote:Halberds, Pikes and Spears have defensive mods on them, which makes Polearm weapons very unique. I liked this idea a lot. Though one thing I saw that was lacking was that pitchforks did not share this. True that pitchforks are more tool than weapon, but they are a pole with 3 tips at the end, which in some fashion make them more lethal than spears.

But enough said, I suggest pitchforks have a defensive modifier.

Enhanced Pitchforks
"Boaster" wrote:I think this is the one item I haven't seen come in the magical variety.

Additional Comment: Maybe not necessarily Magical, but perhaps a Steel or Iron pitchfork. Heheh, I think I'd have a blast going through the game as a Peasant.

Mage/Priest Lord
Would be nice to have a Lord who is also a spell caster.

Class Suggestion: Peasant
Starts with a Pitchfork and Peasant Clothes (of a Randomized color). This should be the ultimate challenge, aside from an Outlaw. Produces Food, Attacks QUICKLY with Pitchforks [and maybe Polearms too]. Also has the ability to forage animal monster corpses (wolves) for food.

Sending villagers home
They should be invulnerable, until they reach town, or they should travel out of your Lord's sight then automatically and instantly teleport into town.

Unique Villagers based on Lord (i.e. Elves, Goblins, Dwarves)
If you're a Goblin as a Lord, all visiting villagers should be Goblins themselves. The King will also display a Goblin portrait. Same applies for Dwarves and Elves. This would ROXORZ (and I hardly use that word, ever).

Collapsible Party Panels
"Boaster" wrote:Previously, in a very early version of Hinterland, visitors could not be tabbed/hidden. Well, even now, sometimes the party panels get in the way of visibility.

I suggest these be collapsable with showing nothing more than their name, occupation icon and health bar.

Also be vertically aligned along the top of the screen.

Display (Food) Production
"Boaster" wrote:I'd say it would be a good idea for the production or upkeep of your village to be listed. So you know how much food you'll have the next day, etc.

Original Attachment: Food Production VISIBLE

Helmet Ability
"Boaster" wrote:Since Helmets have no clear use to them, save for "slow" defense, perhaps make Helmets prevent the stun effect. Makes sense. Can't see stars if you've got head protection.

My suggestion for helmets now though, would have to be EITHER preventing stun OR reducing stun duration.

Selection Circles
"Boaster" wrote:Selection circles, around the unit at ground level, for easy selection/targeting of unit for interaction. It will help define the parameters of interaction with the unit.

Naturally: Green for friendly units; Red for enemy units; yellow for neutral.

"_KPaul" wrote:Selection circles may turn out to be a good idea, but let's give the game some time to flesh itself out more before we determine it would be a good addition. If the model-highlighting proves to not be good enough over many, many game hours then feel free to bring this up again.

For now, NBA.


Some units, such as Ogres, Giants or even your own Pet Dragons will only display their stat screen (Attack/Armor/HP) and are only attackable if you highlight the most remote parts of their body (Sometimes their F'n elbow!). We may need this, I suggest this be implemented and toggle-able.

Level up abilities (i.e. Agrarian, Deadly, Caring).
Perhaps when choosing the level up abilities, when selecting them, they don't automatically apply. But instead, select the ability, have a text box in the dialog update with what the ability does, and then players have to press an "OK" button to confirm the ability chosen.

Also, for abilities like "Caring" and "Empathetic" display how much of a health recovery difference is made. Like +1HP over 3 seconds or +2HP over 3 seconds, etc.

Level up ability: Quick shot and Rapid fire
Basically your speed increase for weapons, but applied only to ranged weapons. The current abilities such as "Fleet" and the other that improve attack rate should apply for melee weapons only. Perhaps to add diversity in the abilities granted.

Sug: Visitor Panel
"Boaster" wrote:Some sort of Visitor panel would be nice to use, so that you can control which visitors are allowed to visit.

So what I mean is a check list of visitors I can specifically advertise for, or a checklist where only the visitors you check can visit, but you must have X types of visitors checked, where X = the maximum number of visitors your town can support, based on the Level of your Hostel.

Control over what things are Researched or produced
I'd like to be able to control which items are being produced or researched. Perhaps a drop down box to select the items to be produced or researched, in the same manner that prayers can be selected. Sometimes I'd just like my craftsmen to create a Chain Mail rather then switch from Chain Mail to making a Mace after the chain mail is manufactured. Maybe I want him to keep making more Chain mails to beef defense up for my towns people.

So a selection drop down menu for producing and researching items.
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Postby dsmith » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:40 pm

My suggestions:

  1. I like the idea of having unidentified magical items on the board. You can take the risk of putting them on to identify them, but they may be cursed negative item and you can't remove it without a blessing. Or if you have a fortune teller, she could identify the item for you (maybe even for a price?).
  2. I would like to see very simple controls for followers, such as: Aggressively engage any enemy, Engage only when I am attacked, and only defend yourself...
  3. In the later parts of the games, the armor and weapons makers are worthless. I had a game the other day where I was selling +10 bows left and right and my workshop was producing +1 bows at times. I am not sure what the solution is, but I would like an option to have them research an item of your choosing with a varied amount of days to research and make said item.
  4. Probably not going to happen, but it would be cool to see some variation of prices for selling stuff to the market. Maybe as the game goes on, you actually wouldn't get anything for a lot of basic stuff.
  5. Someone once mentioned being able to expand to a dungeon/cave level. This may be more than what Hinterland was meant to be, but the idea really intrigued me.

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Postby arcan » Tue Oct 07, 2008 8:58 pm

Can't remember all the sug I made but here is one

When a building is upgraded, I'd like to be able to choose the good produced to be able to produce the goods of the not-evolved building

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Postby Azeem » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:26 pm

I can't think of many suggestions at the moment, but here goes:

1. The Village People - "Hinterland" is of course not a city-builder, but it was this aspect - the aspect of people having conversations or making random quips or making remarks about the settlement's situation - in TM's previous games that added to the charm of the gameplay experience. When selecting villagers, their "Talk" screen should have a bit of personality other than just telling you what they do. At this point, "Hinterland" villagers are too much like simple faceless automatons. They should give random comments or they could give hints or note certain features on the map (like saying that there's a rumor that there's a treasure cache near an encounter bearing an special item of some sort).

2. Dr. Evil says 1,000,000 Dollars - There could be an "Evil Baron" villian randomly placed on hard maps. He could have a difficult-to-attack "fortress" that's pretty much surrounded by barricades (which already exist in the game randomly placed around encounters) that have various chokepoints, a huge treasure cache, and the ability to replenish his forces over long periods of time. Taking him out could be a great "request" from the king.

3. R U Tuff Enuff? - Eventually, there's always the possiblity that you become too powerful for your own good. It'd be nice of there was the possibility that as you reach a certain level, enemy encounters start leveling with you (but they should be at most two to three levels below you once that begins). I suppose this could start once you hit level 12 or 15 and should occur only in Hardcore mode.

4. King Simon Says - The king's requests at this point are pretty much a game of Simon Says. There's no rhyme or reason behind them. Perhaps you folks can come up with a story behind his requests so that there's something to the requests you get every now and then. Maybe a request for gold could relate to the need for the king to collect food supplies for a military campaign in another province of the realm. Or perhaps he needs that compass for one of his knight's expeditions.

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Postby Boaster » Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:55 pm

Sticky this thread Paul, if you would please.

Now Delete this particular post at your discrepancy.
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Postby PhilL » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:45 pm

1) Witty comments from the villagers. TM always has had some of the best one liners in gaming from the NPC.

2) I agree with choosing the items produced from the craftsman, fletchers, smiths.

3) Some consistency in the pausing of the game when windows are open.

4) borrowed from the public forum , A way to train the towns people to level up while in town.

5) I agree with some control over the party members, aggressive, passive, stay back, support, attack who I attack, dont attack on your own.

6) A better save system that we can store our own save points with out over writing them.

7) A value system for sold items. A level 10 sword should not yield the same one gold as a peasant shirt.

8) display unlooted emenies and dead party members on the mini map.

9) stackable potions for the party members.

10) a way to clear the info text box. it seems to linger too long.

11) Once a building like the guard is upgraded make only the upgraded version of the visitor appear unless we demolish the building.

12) label the transporters.

13) a stun group prayer or dropable potion.

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Postby Miut » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:07 am

1) Tent instead of the Grass Icon for Enemies since most of them are in a Den or a Tent anyways.

2) When we Level Up I want to see all 3 choices and what benefit they are to me before I choose. At the moment if I choose Attack, I cannot leave the Attack choice Screen if I decide not to go with the choices available there.

3) I also want to know what impact they have on my skills v enemies..

4) Party Commands, please! Form a line. Stay Back. Follow me. Hit my target. Guard me. Guard the Healer... among iothers..

5) Make the Party Cards smaller please! They don't need to be as large as they are, they only need to be as large as the Visitor ones.

6) Please give us some idea of how the weapons work - does a Lightning sword do a Lightning attack or is it just an empty name?

7) When we Mouse over our Card I would like to see Statistics, like I do with my Health for Defense score and Attack score so I know which I need to improve. The system of the shields is not intuitive and is somewhat clunky in my opinion.

8) Rather have Health, Defense and Attack level up bars than the current system.

9) Would like the Lord to be able to buy things from the merchant rather than just sell to him. Maybe exotic but non magic armor if we achieve certain mile stones in the game. Like maybe low level health potions, crossbows, something, a tree for the town courtyard, or a flower bed there - something to eat up any spare money we have.

10) Info text stays too long.. like "You found a chest" etc.

11) I 'd love to be able to Play On in a Medium length game after completing a Short one, with the same Lord and his armor & weapons. Maybe the King sends us to a different town to troubleshoot it. Maybe we get sent without our followers so we start from scratch.. But it would give an element of continuity.

12) And yes, on Azeem's story ideas for ther King's requests! Even if you just add "King needs 75 bread for famine victims in the far south of your country.."
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Postby JuliaSet » Wed Oct 08, 2008 4:32 am

Delay release of this one.. it is full of things that need fixing!! Please!

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Postby Kernel » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:23 pm

Maybe this is better classified as an Issue, but I'll list it here again.

Update the follower's text immediately when equipping them with an item. For example, a farmer's "... I can produce 2.0 food per day." remains the same after equipping fertilizer. The follower screen has to be closed then reopened to see the new value.

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Postby Bugsy » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:45 pm

Buy items from Trader: It would be so nice if we could actually buy an item once in a while from our town trader. Let's say you have a map that has no herb field at all, you'd be able to buy healing potions from the trader when he had some come available.

Allow more than one Acolyte per town...after I get one acolyte, unless he dies, another never comes to visit, same for the Fortune teller. Cap them at 2-3, but let us have more than one.

Absolutely agree to have townspeople level up in town even without raids on! It is so discouraging as you move up in levels, to see your first farmer stay level 1, so if you ever did need extra help, it has to come from new hires, which still doesn't help much. Possibly adding some way to train them to be able to help us at the higher level spots is absolutely needed. It sucks big time to finally be able to hire someone to go with you, but your choices are level 2, level 3, when the beasts you are fighting, are level 5 and then way over, and that's the only sites you have left! No way to get them hired on before that, and if you do, and they die eventually anyway, then you're stuck back with another blasted level 2! Who definitely makes a nice tasty snack for those level 12 dragons you have to take out to finish the map. The highest level visitor I've ever seen was level 5. Even he wouldn't be a match for those last sites we need him for. They die quickly on those, and make them even more useless.

Other suggestions I really think need looked at:

STORY! Please give us some story of some sort. When the king makes a request, spruce it up with a little story! Then it feels more like a 'quest', and can infinitely help the personality of the game. It's a great core concept of a game here, and massive fun to play, but it's lacking personality! Even random story starters as you begin a new game would help. If it's a time crunch on those getting written, hand it over to the fans, and include the best ones in the game. You can even select a panel of fans or testers to be the judges. You know many would jump at a chance to write something to be used! Would also generate buzz about the game, and more warm fuzzy feelings and loyalty from the fans.

Personality of villagers-absolutely needed. You guys have a huge rep for having some zany, funny, and witty personalities of the characters in your games. Hinterland really needs that.

Color Code the Grassy areas on the minimap. I don't want to go running to a green grassy area only to find it's a patrol, unholy site, or whatever. I want it to be herbs! lol Aside from the water hole, it's one of the most vital sites to locate.

Followers still basically suck, I'm sorry but they do. Either you must give them a range weapon, or watch them run in and die like a fool, and often you die with them trying to save them. Commands seem like the best solution, at least basic ones like 'Defensive', STOP NOOB, and 'offensive'....and for an example of Combat AI adjustments, consider how followers acted in Baldurs Gate. You could select different types of AI for each follower. You couldn't control them either, but they were FAR more effective than ours are now. Examples: Fighter/Defensive Will attack if any part member is being attacked, but will not engage enemies on his own. Beserker: Will attack anything even remotely within view, with or without you. Mage/Offensive: Will cast melee attack spells on sight of enemy. Mage/Defensive: Will cast party enhancing spells first, then attack from a distance. Healer/Defensive: Will not engage enemy at all, but will heal injured party members. Healer/Offensive: will attack enemy and only heal party members when 50% of health is gone.

I still don't like Helmets having to be equipped in the Misc slot. Misc should only be for jewelry and the like, and dangit, we need the extra defense, especially for the stupid followers. Can we please have a helm slot?? I mean really, why can't we wear a helmet AND a ring or necklace?

Smooth out the bugs and gameplay even more.


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Postby Miut » Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:57 pm

Absolutely agree on a Helm slot.
Most games have
earring x 2
Chest piece
Shoulder pieces
Bracelet x 2
Ring x 2
Weapon x 2 (shield or 2nd weapon or double hander)

We have 4 slots. :( We need more please. Not saying it needs to be that complicated, but we do need more.

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Postby Pecunia » Wed Oct 08, 2008 6:45 pm

Keyboard hotkeys for the following:
- opening the followers screen when in town (suggested key: F)
- showing/hiding the list of visitors (suggested key: V)

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Postby aeval99 » Wed Oct 08, 2008 10:39 pm

I'd really like some sort of overview screen for followers who research and/or sell items. I hate having to go through half of my followers screen to see who is selling goods or not and to set to research or make items etc.

Also, if I'm going to get the crystal ball back after upgrading my fortune teller, I would like the ability to hire another fortune teller. I have either been impossibly unlucky or fortune tellers never visit again after you have upgraded to a hut.

And I agree 110% about making the party cards smaller or collapsible in some way; the only thing I need to see in the field is their health. :D

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Postby _KPaul » Thu Nov 06, 2008 8:19 pm

Just so you guys know, officially, I did compile all these suggestions into an internal doc. There are a lot of great suggestions in here, but not all of them mesh well with things the Devs want to do, so don't feel bad if yours doesn't get implemented. The Devs did say that they liked a lot of them and I chatted with my producer at length about them. There will definitely be some implemented, but I can't say which in case something changes, and then I'm held to a promise I shouldn't have made!

Anyway, just wanted you guys to know that this thread has been officially "heard" =)


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Postby Azeem » Thu Nov 06, 2008 9:27 pm

Good to know. I'll look forward to later updates of the game. :)

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Postby Boaster » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:11 pm

"_KPaul" wrote:Just so you guys know, officially, I did compile all these suggestions into an internal doc. There are a lot of great suggestions in here, but not all of them mesh well with things the Devs want to do, so don't feel bad if yours doesn't get implemented. The Devs did say that they liked a lot of them and I chatted with my producer at length about them. There will definitely be some implemented, but I can't say which in case something changes, and then I'm held to a promise I shouldn't have made!

Anyway, just wanted you guys to know that this thread has been officially "heard" =)


We would still appreciate a list of those which have been considered for implementation. I for one understand that not all things will be taken, including some of mine (most likely to fall in that category is the minimum interval between Raids/Requests).

Even though the Devs don't want a zoom feature, it is an overwhelmingly popular idea.

Again, even though not all suggestions will be taken and implemented, it would still be nice for those which have been considered by the Devs.

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