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Hungry OrcShaman

Postby JuliaSet » Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:23 am

I restarted the orc shaman about six times. I could not get enough food at the start, got nearly no farming visitors, well, just once and went to zero food as I planted him and he left without a name.

All I am getting is advanced visitors. For a while in one of the starts, I was attacked by wolves and got enough meat to run with out any townies till I won two native sites... end game.. starvation.

I did manage on the sixth run to get 31 gold, got a request from the king for 30, but that would have precluded hiring any farmer .. nor any other visitor.

Orcs need to find more meat at the start of the game! They also need to have something other than bankers, healers, fortunetellers, etc.. at the start of the game.

I'd planned the evening to play a long game, but never got past the second camp and ended in hunger and no followers.

TV time for me I guess.

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Postby mouse » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:14 pm

My Orc Shaman captured 10 sites before I even got anybody who produced food so I had a surplus of food ;) Also had enough gold to upgrade the farmers right away. Did find out that playing the Orc you have to play much differently from other characters they need to live alone for awhile so they can use gold to upgrade the town center before getting any villagers.

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