Alexandria installed - or not?

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Alexandria installed - or not?

Postby Sok4R » Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:58 am

Hi everybody,

I bought CoTN in 2004, the boxed version. I already now that there are problems with the boxed version and the Alexandria Add-On, but mine seems to be new, since I didn't read something similar here.

I've installed CoTN (german), updated to (german). I've installed Impulse and bought the Alexandria Add-On. I downloaded it and I got promted that I don't have CoTN installed, so I archived Alexandria, checked "Prompt for Install Directory" in the Preferences of Impulse and resotred the Archive. I got promted for the Directory, selcted my CoTN Dir and it found CoTN and installed Alexandria. Now I have CoTN and Alexandira under the "Games"-Tab in Impulse, saying that CoTN need to be updated. If I try, it prompts me to register, but i can't since the boxed version didn't have an serial. But Alexandria is ready to play, so i started it - but it doesn't seem to be installed correctly. In the main menu, there's no Alexandria Button and there are no new scenarios.

I've attached my current dump of DxDiag, may it helps. And sorry for my bad english, i hope you understood everything =)
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Postby khjer83 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:33 am

Hello Sok4R,

I had a similar problem with my boxed version of COTN and the Alexandria expansion. Basically, the boxed version is just incompatible with Impulse. I suggest you email Impulse about this because what they did for me was to register the game for me (in other words, giving me a registered copy of COTN through Impulse.) so that I could get Alexandria to work.

Once they do you will have to uninstall your boxed version, install the Impulse COTN, and then install Alexandria for it to work. Seems rather ridiculous, but that's the only work around I know of.

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Postby Sok4R » Mon Mar 09, 2009 8:13 am

Hi khjer83,
well, thanks for answer. I'll send a mail to the Impulse Support, hoping they'll register the game for me.

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