Threshing Area stores not being entirely moved to Granaries

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Threshing Area stores not being entirely moved to Granaries

Postby rj66 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:10 pm

Game version from D2D

Understandably, there was a small amount left in a Threshing Area because I didn't think the harvest/tax was going to be that big. My small mistake.

I had built enough Granary storage, but still not all food got transfered despite there being ample space for it. The only thing I can think of that might have caused it was I had placed a path under a Threshing Area; because it was too close to the Barge area for my comfort. I had seen a limestone block get stuck over a Threshing Area before so desired not to repeat the situation.

Subsequent years, more and more food accumulates in Threshing Areas despite having enough Granary Storage.

What use is the Exchange?
It now seems to only functions when a Scribe has activated it and only as long as the 'blue light' is lite. I have seen luxury shopkeeper/kid/servant still going a great distance to retrieve gold/turquoise from the mining areas, because the Exchange wasn't currently accepting visitors. Seems they have fixed the free Exchange exploit.
Seems wasteful to assign a graduate and pay him ~40 food/year for a private citizens convenience. Surely I am not getting back but a fraction of what it is costing me to make the commodity available; so why pay extra for convenience sake.

Why do the Scribes insist on counting fields on the other side of the map when there is more than enough counting to be done right in there neighborhood? The Priests have some sort of distance restrictions but not the Scribes?
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Postby Tinkerbell » Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:45 pm

Howdy, rj66!

I just took a brief look at all of your saves & I don't see a problem. There are lots of reasons for food being left in the Threshing Area (TA).

Although, I would have more bakeries, you have enough of them & later saves have enough granaries. Your Scribes are counting almost all fields, so that is great also. These three things are the usual suspects for food being left in the TA.

Another main reason is that Nobles are totally filled at 7:20 PM Shemu harvest transfer & the leftover part of their half of the harvest, that you do not get, is being left in the TA.

You really don't have much food in the TA, so you should get used to a little there at all times. It happenz. Besides, a little food in the TA is a good thing, cuz many of our people can go there when bakeries are empty of prepared food, Then other people who do not get their food from bakeries can also goto TAs for food when they run out.

Yes, the game will not place TAs on top of roads nor floodplains, so leave some space or the game will use a TA location far from your fields. This will cause them to have to walk too far from the fields. This will cause the harvesting farmers to be too late for the 7:20 PM harvest transfer & is the last reason for food left in the TA. Harvesting farmers have to deposit their harvests in a TA by 7:20 PM Shemu or you won't get it.

A harvesting TA only holds like 2000 food & then the game creates more TAs. After the 7:20 PM Shemu harvest transfer, all leftover TAs are combined into one TA & this one can be larger than 2000 food. Then the TA will lose about 1/3 of its food at exactly 3 AM every day following, until it is gone. This lost TA food is not spoilage.

It can be confusing.

Correct, with Enhanced v1.3.01 & above, the exchange bug has been fixed. It now has to be lit by a Scribe for it to function.

There are lots of reasons a scribe might go walkabout to count fields at a distance. Perhaps scribe was already there shopping or going to services when counting time came around. This is the same way we can get farmers planting fields far away.

Hope this helps! :)
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Postby Keith » Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:57 pm

Only the taxed portion of the grain owed to Pharaoh is stored in granaries and bakeries. The rest is left in the threshing area for the farmers and others to gather for their own use. This is why it is important to have enough scribes counting fields to assess the full tax Pharaoh is owed. You should have your scribes that count fields living at variouis points along the farming area (not right in the farm area). This allows them to start at different points in the fields. (It's probably more graphically pleasing to see than useful, the number of scribes counting is more important.)

Scribes will go where there are fields to be counted, beit across a river or the other end of the city. There is no actual way to control them other than trying to keep all you farms in the same area.

The food chart in the instructions describes how the food is distributed and where each person gets his food from.

I don't use exchcanges much. I'll build the building but won't staff it in some cases. As I recall, exchanges are supposed to be able to distribute goods to certain luxury shops instantly without the need for the shop owner, etc. from walking to the shop or storage area to get the needed item.
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Postby rj66 » Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:49 pm

Thank you both for a quick detailed reply.

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