Using bows/exploding pumpkins

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Using bows/exploding pumpkins

Postby Innovan » Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:16 pm

The trick to using bows, exploding pumpkins and any other type of projectile weapon is arming THE REST of your party with the projectile weapons, and yourself with heavy armor and some sort of bashing weapon to play "Tank".

The NPCs in your party will start firing long before you see enemies yourself. Just move yourself in between enemies and your party, playing interference while your archers shoot them down.

Pumpkins run out while bows have infinite ammo. There's also some flaw in the current inventory system where hitting on the "x" while at home puts the Magic pumpkins (which you give to farmers to make them pumpkin farmers) in your inventory while gathering all the usable pumpkins into the city inventory.

4 pumpkin farms is currently my build limit --after that the magic pumpkins didn't show up anymore in my game. Each throw by an NPC uses a pumpkin from your inventory and once exhausted they'll arm themselves with the best weapon in your current inventory.

You'll want to have your NPCs holding onto a hand weapon while in town and only arm them with pumpkins once you leave and the city inventory is blanked out --otherwise the villagers will take the +8 fast sword from your inventory that you were saving as a backup weapon for your NPC party, and when you run out of pumpkins your NPCs will have nothing but their bare hands (or whatever weapons you've already looted) to arm themselves with.
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Postby fleshtonegolem » Wed Nov 05, 2008 6:06 pm

That makes good sense. I never thought of arming everyone but yourself.

I figured with two ranged party members they were still useless to me why add another.

I haven't used the pumpkins as weapons yet.

They are my cash crop so to speak once I get a Merchant and a pumpkin farm. :)

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Postby Nyarlahotep » Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:11 pm

yeah they build up quickly. I like to save them for end game mayhem, :D try going up against dragons with some high level healer armed with 10 pumpkins and a staff for after and watch out. ;)

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