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How do you survive raiders?

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:08 pm
by Rex Little
The first time I played Hinterland, I tried it at Medium difficulty with raiders enabled. When my town had nothing except one farmer, raiders came and killed the farmer. Before I could find enough money to replace him, I starved to death.

So I backed off to Easy and tried again. This time things went well at the start; the early raiders were just another source of loot if I got back to town in time to catch them, and didn't do much damage in any case. But when my character reached level 4, packs of red dragons started coming in. If I tried to fight them they killed me; if I didn't, they killed a couple of my followers (including a guard if I had one). Before I could replace more than one of the followers, another pack would come and kill two more.

I finally gave up that downward spiral and started over with raiders off. But I'd really rather play with them on; it adds flavor. Can anyone give me some tips on how to deal with them without becoming the mayor of Corpseville?

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:39 pm
by Tinkerbell
Howdy, Rex Little!

Weeell, it sounds like you are trying to move up in difficulty before you have enough experience with the game. As you found out, perhaps you should try the game with raiders off when you up the difficulty to the next level.

You need food & your farmers to absorb the attacks. Set your homes to fight. You also need weapons & armor makers to get through the early game.

Later towers.

Until you get more experience, you will just have to run back to town each time the raiders appear.

Remember to pause the game a LOT!

Also, try the long game on easy no raiders first. Playing only the short game, you miss a lot. You never get to the higher level citizens that will help you learn the game more.

Good Luck! :)

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 10:14 pm
by Rex Little
In my Easy game, I did have a guard and a tower when the dragons came. They chewed him up, spit him out, and had a hunter for dessert. When I stayed in town to deal with them personally, they did the same to me. (I did manage to kill one pair by using about a dozen healing potions, but once I ran out of those, I was toast.)

I didn't have the followers set to fight (except for the guard); I suppose I could try that next. Will it really help against dragons, or will it just get more of them killed?

I am playing only long games; I always prefer to have the biggest possible area to explore in this sort of game.

Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:35 pm
by Tinkerbell
You need lots of food in this game & food counts in score more than even money does (believe it or not!). This food comes from farmers mainly, cuz they make more food then the others & are cheap to replace when they die with higher level farmers. Higher level, more powerful. You should have lots of farmers, like 5+.

We place these farmers to be the front line defense. More important buildings in the back.

When you have more cash in the later game, boot the low farmers out after you remove & keep their gear & replace them with higher level farmers. All set to fight.

If you have everyone set to fight, they will attack radiers in mass & none of them die (or not often). Also your adventuring party should be back in town by that time to help.

Like anything ~ Practice, practice, practice. Bliss will come!

Posted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 6:56 am
by Tideo
aw i never got dragons to attack me yet =\

always the same things in each game o.o"

the first game i won(which was a few minutes ago :D )

kept sending a wolf and some goblins :(