Super super too fast to be normal attack speed?

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Super super too fast to be normal attack speed?

Postby Tideo » Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:39 am

Well i just started playing the game

and since i don't like games to be easy i just did hardcore-long-etc etc

and knight.

After i soloed around a few enemy camps and hired a healer-person-priest

We went on a trip. I thought i equipped the healer with this +4 damage stick but apparently i equipepd it to myself (note the healer had nothing equipped strangely)

So i equipped my item to her and i equipped myself with a "very fast" rated item.

then came on the onslaught :(

I went into those 5 skull areas with super easy,8....then i died cause i was stupid :p

i know its a bug but has anyone had it happen to them?(companions and enemies attacked normal speed)

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