Matt, Questions on patch

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Matt, Questions on patch

Postby Torgen » Mon Dec 01, 2008 3:23 am

I notice that my men were MUCH more reticent about advancing last night, after the game patched. I also noticed that sometimes they no longer sit there with their thumbs up their bums if shot at, and return fire.

While the second thing is much appreciated, is the first thing also an AI adjustment, or was this me getting cocky thinking the recruits would advance against well-led Yankees if they had an experienced "squad leader"?

I had three foot soldiers under fire by 15 of my guys, and some other Yankees heard the commotion and were running to join the fight. Since the three initial guys were panicking, I decided to have Mosby and his 4 recruits charge them on foot to finish them off quickly (I've had guys surrender when they just saw my guys just THINK about charging before), and the yellow bastards stayed hidden in the trees and let Mosby run out there by himself!

Of course he couldn't take all three out before reinforcements arrived, and he wasn't about to listen to me tell him to get back to his lines, so he was cut down. :(

Matt Zimmitti
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Postby Matt Zimmitti » Mon Dec 01, 2008 2:26 pm

Well, as long as the guys ordered to charge aren't cooling down from a previous charge they should go when ordered. If they individually have trouble seeing the enemy you may need to coax your guys out of the trees first then make your dash.

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Postby Torgen » Mon Dec 01, 2008 6:28 pm

Hmm, they were shooting at them, so I assume that they could see them. Strange. I'll experiment more tonight. It felt in general that they were less like automatons, blindly following whatever orders I gave. Maybe it was something to do with the sub-optimal laptop I was playing on.

I will conduct more tests tonight. :)

BTW, is there a way to tell elite Yankees from regulars? I thought that I saw some mounted guys with white gloves, and some without.

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Postby Fronobulax » Tue Dec 02, 2008 3:24 am

Is the patch available on Impulse? It didn't seem to be about 8 PM EST, barring operator error. What does it change/fix?

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