Mosby Update 12/3

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Mosby Update 12/3

Postby Matt Zimmitti » Thu Dec 04, 2008 5:24 am

Hey all,

We've updated the build of the game on all distribution channels (Steam, D2D, Impulse, Gamers Gate). It should be live on Steam now and will go live on the others as it makes it through processing on their ends.

Here is a list of changes we made...
  • Water optimizations and options settings control
  • Texture optimizations to help on nvidia cards and with general slowdowns
  • Fix for missing help text
  • Added "G" hotkey to select Mosby by himself during missions (double-tapping sends you to his position)
  • Fix for some draw order issues with icons on the Confederacy Level
  • (Steam Only) Fix for two achievements that were not triggering properly

Note that the texture optimization thing *should* help with some of the slowdowns that have been reported. We have still not been able to reproduce the lockups and really slow frame rates that people have reported (despite rigging up a bevvy of different configs) but we did do some research into where textures meet up between Torque and Nvidia cards and found some pretty definitive reports of similar behavior in different apps. We've applied tweaks to Mosby that address this issue and the changes did speed up frame rates on our end on a variety of machines (quite significantly in some cases).

Keep us posted on the results of the changes as it pertains to your experience with the game.


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